10mm Ww2 Miniatures

The GMES Garden Railway Group meet every Monday evening, usually from 7pm to 10pm. If this is something you would like to get involved with, please talk to us at one of our open days or visit us on a Monday. You will be made most welcome.

Commercially manufactured steam engines are available from Accucraft, Aster and Bowande. As well as these major manufacturers, there are numerous small businesses which contribute significantly to the hobby, providing bespoke commissions, kits, services and materials. There is also a thriving second hand market.
The GMES Gauge 1 layout is the second one on this site. It has a double track main line continuous run, with a small station and goods yard. The supporting steel frames, with height adjustment at the top, were fabricated by the Gauge 1 group and cast into the ground with ’Postcrete’ footings. ’Riggatex’ resin bonded board was then fixed to the frames. The track layout was designed in CAD and great care taken to ensure that the geometry flowed correctly using transition curves on the main lines so that the trains run smoothly and are stable, which is very important when trains are running at the higher speeds typically used when compared to our 16mm narrow gauge layout. We have used Peco Gauge 1 nickel silver track and point work.The group includes people with no previous modelling experience. There are members of the group who delight in trying to make a miniature version of an actual prototype whether that be a locomotive, item of rolling stock or a building. They enjoy exploring the historical aspect and research as much as building the model. The advent of commercially made, ready to run models based on actual prototypes has also encouraged people to follow the prototypical path.The size of Gauge 1 modelling allows the hobby to span two interests, that of model railways where the landscape and trains can be modelled realistically and that of model engineering where real watchmaker quality engineering skills can be exploited. From the earliest days of the hobby, the main source of power has been live steam and is still a major attraction. Electric power is also common and with the evolution of compact, rapid charging, high powered batteries and miniature radio control, a completely different experience to live steam is possible. Digital sound systems and smoke generators add to the ambience. All of this has appealed to the younger generation who are interested in modern traction which all adds to the diversity we have within this branch of the hobby. Gauge 1 is one of the oldest sizes model railway. The track gauge is 45mm between the rails. The trains running at GMES are usually scale models of full-size ones you can/could see running on the national railway network which has a gauge of 4ft 8½in or 1435mm. We use a wide variety of engines and rolling stock on our layout which reflects the diverse tastes of our group. The layout will eventually have a Southern Railway look at feel to it, but you will see trains from France, Germany and the USA running on the layout.

What is 10mm in 1 100 scale?
1:100 Scale Architectural Models (10mm represents 1 metre) With 10mm representing 1 metre, 1:100 is an ideal scale option for modelling private houses or compact developments comprising one or two buildings.
Our trains are either steam or electrically powered, with steam being the most popular. Steam is raised in the boiler by heating the water with either gas, methylated spirits or coal. Traditionally the most popular fuel sources in Gauge 1 have been methylated spirits and coal but gas is becoming a popular option.Coal firing can be challenging to master but gives great satisfaction once you have cracked the firing technique. Steam engines can be controlled manually or driven via radio control. Our electric locos have batteries installed in them; we do not use track power at GMES. Electric models can be controlled by simple on/off and direction switches, a manual speed controller or fully radio controlled. Some electrically powered models also have on-board sound systems that can replicate the noises produced by steam and diesel locomotives. The advent of digital technology has enabled other sounds to be generated such as whistles, bells, air pumps and coupling noises. The coaches and wagons we run may be ready made, fabricated from kits or scratch built. However, it is probably true to say most members own a commercially made steam engine and then enjoy making rolling stock kits from one of the suppliers to the hobby. You will have the opportunity to play Statefall First Edition, of which there are only 50 copies in existance. The rules are explained directly on site by the developer and usually take around 1-2 minutes.

Gaming room. Come and play boardgames here; we have a variety of games, but focus on fairly new ones from Kickstarter and other crowdfunding places. Some games we have demoed before and will bring again are: Otto, Lords of Hellas, Nemesis Lockdown, Lobotomy, Hellboy, Chronicle X, Monster Slaughter, Village Attacks and Street Fighter the Miniature Game. Some new games this year: The Everrain, Plucky Penguins, Frostpunk, and Dungeonology. If delivered in time for LinCon, we will also have some other new games, including Tiny Epic Vikings, Resident Evil, The Quest Kids, and The Witcher: The Old World.

En resenär har undkommit avrättning genom att anta ett uppdrag i det fördolda. Att ända äktenskapet mellan Donald Cruikshank och Lady Jane Fortescue. Lady Jane enleverades för en tid sedan och i gränslandet finns inget gehör för engelska krav och hotelser.Come and try out yet-to-be-released games! Everyone is welcome to play and there are games that will be for you, whether you are a beginner or advanced player, adult or child.

What scale is 10mm to the foot?
1foot There are two scales that are commonly used, 10mm = 1foot, and 1/32nd scale which is slightly more accurate for the track gauge used.
Krigsspel som utspelar sig i medelhavsområdet år 500-1000 med relativt enkla regler, i samma genré som Britannia. Varje spelare kontrollerar fyra folk med väldigt olika förutsättningar. Seger går till den som får högst poängsumma från alla sina folk. Till skillnad från Britannia saknar det specialregler för särskilda folk och rundor men har allmänna regler för enhetstyper, utveckling. Spelet utmärks av ett dynamiskt system för poäng där folk gör anspråk på områden de bosätter sig i. Ju fler folk som har kontrollerat ett område under partiets gång, desto mer blir området värt för alla, även om det är mest värt för de som redan gör anspråk på det. Detta skapar stor variation mellan omgångar.There will be a large number of different games of varying type and difficulty. The games are in development and there are many different game developers in the room.

How many mm is a 1 144 scale?
12 mm 1:144 (~12 mm (0.472 in) figure) scale modeling and miniatures are considered closely related to N scale (1:148-1:160 scale) (~10 mm (0.394 in) figure) and many pieces from both scales can be used interchangeably.
Friday the 19th of May the Scythe Lincon Championship is played. Participate if you want to have your name recorded in the history books of this tournament. I Katterna och Stora Djupets hemlighet råkar katterna Cid och Zelda kliva genom en portal och hamnar i en värld där ingen har sett katter förut. De måste nu lösa Stora Djupets hemlighet för att komma hem. When you create your Order of battle you are allowed to add 3 Requisition Points worth of upgrades (a relic costs 1, a warlord trait costs 1, a unit upgrade (found in some codices, like space marine veteran upgrade strategem costs 1). This time we will showcase the ancient struggle between good and evil, or maybe rather the struggle between spandex and world dominion? We’ll be your guides through a world of flying altruists, malicious robots and secret identities. Alice är Försvunnen är ett ”tyst” rollspel om Alice Törnskogs försvinnande. Alice är en sistaårselev på Vasagymnasiet i Erikshamn, en stad på södra norrlandskusten. Polisen ägnar inte hennes försvinnande så mycket uppmärksamhet, utan du och dina vänner behöver göra vad ni kan för att ta reda på vad som hänt. Under spelet använder spelarna sina telefoner för att skicka textmeddelanden till varandra för att ta reda på vad som hänt Alice.Orbital Conflict är ett taktiskt spel för 2-4 spelare där du bygger och modifierar din rymdstation vars resurser sedan avgör din framgång hos investerarna. Hur långt är du villig att gå för att triumfera över dina motspelare? Planerar du att använda drönare och missiler eller har du dem bara i avskräckande syfte men din station växer och utrustas med rymdhissar och kraftfält? Ca 1 timmes djärv rymdkapplöpning där det bara finns bara plats för en segrare.If you are a new player, we highly recommend you join the facebook group ”Realms of Darkness Community” to learn more about the game. Here developers and players are ready to help you with any questions you might have.

Under spelet får deltagarna prata med varandra för att försöka lista ut vem som är vem och vilka lag en tillhör. Det är också tillåtet att visa hela eller delar av sitt rollkort för att utbyta information med övriga deltagare. Kanske är du spionen, som springer runt med ”fel” färg på ditt kort och samlar information om motståndarlaget, eller utkastare som kan tvinga personer att byta rum? Det finns också roller som står utanför spelet mellan rött och blått! Du kanske är älskarinnan som vinner spelet genom att vara där presidenten är när femte ronden är över, så länge frun inte är det!
In addition to showing the game, they will talk about both project planning and execution, as well as how the Media Technology program prepared them for the challenge.

If you want to know more about game development and the board game industry, take the opportunity to talk to us developers, we have all been doing game development as a hobby for several years and many of us have had one or more published games. From us you can also get tips, advice and encouragement. In the room is Albin Wågnert from Game Prototyper. From him you can both buy components, get good advice and perhaps plan how to print your game.Come and listen to 6 students from the Medieteknik programme at Linkoping University and how they have created a physically controlled tower defense game in Unity.Later on Thursday and during Friday, there will be a display of all the stuff. Then you can, if you can not participate in the auction, come and submit written bids for what is to be sold. All offers are of course binding.We will have two alliances, two teams, where each side will be given tasks to defend, attack, raid, board etc, all with the aim to gain an advantage on the foe. We will divide all players into those two teams, one centered around Imperial forces, and one around Chaos. We will split the Xenos faction players into the two teams to represent unwilling alliances, unwanted help or other reasons for joining up together. So all factions are welcome to join. Play in english or swedish. The adventures are inspired by and set in worlds from the novels of Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn, Warbreaker, and Stormlight Archive), but are spoiler-free and does not require any knowledge of the settings! Emperor of the Gaels är ett spel med inslag av byggnation, utforskande, handel och konflikt i en sen-vikingatida irländsk miljö. En hybrid med en intressant mix som tilltalar den erfarne civilisationsbyggaren med flera dimensioner och unika spelomgångar. Spelarna styr varsin irländsk klan och vikingarnas attacker styrs av spelet.

Spelet skiljer sig från de flesta andra civilisionsspel i det att spelarna faktiskt är civilisationer, definierade av en gemensam kultur, teknologi och produktionssätt, och inte stater. I spelets tidsskala, ca. 500 år/tur, är stater något som kommer och går. Spelet är odeterministiskt, utan inskrivna händelser och riken. Spelarna kan börja var de vill på världskartan, är fria att ta sin egen väg i teknologiträdet och anpassa sig till de grödor, djur och sjukdomar de stöter på. De får själva berätta en alternativ historia. Spelet har mycket spelarinteraktion och passar spelare som gillar analys av helheten snarare än optimering av detaljer.A snowed in city. Snow colored blue by a dying mutant in back alley street. Two police officers frozen as statues and a police car crushed by ice blocks.

How tall is 1 10th?
Other Scales 1:10 (7 inch)
Join us in the exciting conclusion to the Undercity Lagacy saga! Grab a team of four 28mm models, join a faction and enter the labyrinth. All clues discovered, all bridges burnt, all enemies created remains for future players. You need no prior knowledge and we have models to borrow.Between 1000-1300 you can test & try the game. If you want to play a full test game, come on time. Otherwise you can just show up and try a few rounds.At LinCon we will be using both only Rise of Ix but also Rise of IX and Immortality. There will be separate Qualifiers and Finals for both. Leaders are chosen as per the ”Hidden Picks” method.

Is 1 10000 a small scale?
Large Is Small A map scale might be given in a drawing (a graphic scale), but it usually is given as a fraction or a ratio-1/10,000 or 1:10,000. These ”representative fraction” scales mean that one unit of measurement on the map 1 inch or 1 centimeter represents 10,000 of the same units on the ground.
Exact format for the tournament will be decided when the number of players is known. You play both rounds, you will not be thrown out. 14 players maximum. The organizer plays in the tournament. The Invaders from Afar expansion will be used if there are more than 5 players at a table. Make your own game in 4 hours! We make prototypes for card games and board games. We create a theme together, run a brainstorm in groups and then gather in new groups around the ideas we believe in the most, draft and test play. Game materials are available. We usually end up with a fully playable prototype. You visit the infamous hotel The Red Monarch, an unpleasant feeling creeps into your senses. Stories of guests disappearing after they said they were going to visit the hotel made you hesitate, but you went anyway. In the lobby you are met by a young man who welcomes you in with a smile. But the surroundings make you want to get out of here and when you try to turn around you discover that the door is locked… You pull on the door handle and hear a laugh behind you. Will you manage to get out or will you forever be part of those who disappeared on The Red Monarch?Deltagarna får var sin roll som delar in i dem två lag, ett blått och ett rött. Det blå laget har en president, det röda laget en självmordsbombare. Övriga deltagare har också olika specialroller. Spelet pågår sedan i fem tidsbestämda ronder, så att varje spel tar 15 minuter effektiv speltid. Mellan varje rond utses en eller flera deltagare som får byta rum, och efter den femte och sista ronden så kontrolleras om presidenten och självmordsbombaren befinner sig i samma rum, då vinner rött lag, eller om de är i olika rum, då vinner blått lag.

Come try different varieties of Blood Bowl at LinCon this year! Sevens, Elevens and Dungeon Bowl is on offer – teams, dice and more are provided. Or come join our painting station!
Kom till oss och testa på olika TCG:er i vår TCG-spelbar, t.ex. Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Digimon, Flesh & Blood, Solforge, m.m. Det finns även möjlighet att köpa dessa TCG:er på plats.Spelet pågår under ca 3 timmar där den första timmen handlar om att utmejsla sina karaktärer och forma världen runt dem, samt deras relation till Alice och varandra. Sedan följer 90 minuter av textande för att avslöja Alice öde. Slutligen tar vi en stund att landa tillsammans.The mafia have infiltrated the formerly quiet village and spend the nights shooting innocent villagers. Help out figuring out who has something to hide …or are you the one the village is looking for?

Battle points: 20-0 system kommer används dock så kommer vinster vara första tiebreakers (dvs en spelare med 3 vinster kan aldrig kommer över någon med 4 vinster osv)

Detta är ett Lovecraftianskt skräckscenario som använder sig av vissa historiska inslag från tiden som kanske kan anses känsliga för vissa personer. Scenariot är för 4 spelare och är skrivet för att använda Call of Cthulhu Sverige.

Varje lag får bestå av max två personer (men det är ok att vara färre), om du inte har en partner men vill ha en så dyk upp 5 minuter innan utsatt tid så parar vi ihop er!
Spelet, som möjligen är Games Workshops bästa spelsystem, har förändrats väldigt lite under åren och erbjuder en rad spelalternativ, från små skärmytslingar till massiva strider som involverar flera arméer.

At noon there will be beginners events where you will be taught how to play 18xx, but you can always show up for games and we will try to get games going.
Om du vill att vi tar med oss något särskilt just till dig så beställ på alphaspel.se och välj ”Lincon” som leveransmetod (öppnar ca en månad innan konventet).Level 7: Omega Protocol is a game of tactical combat between a fireteam of commandos sent by an unacknowledged department within the US government to pacify the situation at Subterra Bravo and the sinister swarms of inhuman creatures that have overtaken the facility. Up to five players can take on the role of commandos, while one player acts as the overseer who controls Subterra Bravo’s monstrous denizens.

As before, we will fill a room with some of our favorites within this theme and they’ll be setup and ready to play! We’ll be there every step of the way to help with rules and to get you started.

What is 1 35 scale in mm?
8.709 mm Model scalesRatioMillimetres per footCommon use1:358.709 mmMilitary models1:348.965 mm1:339.236 mm1:329.525 mmModel railways (1) Aircraft models Car models Toy soldiers
A classic Escape Room specially designed for LinCon. The players get to try out an Escape Room where the time is 25 minutes and where cooperation/communication is put to the test!Ni är den första sådana grupp som kör på rälsen igen efter försvinnandet och har för ett tag sedan lämnat Haparandas tågstation bakom er. Utanför breder den dimmiga norrlandsskogen ut sig när ni rullar mot en händelse vars utgång kan få ödesdigra konsekvenser för krigets utgång.

Espionage in divided Berlin: in the war of shadows, truth is a weapon and trust means betrayal. An unusual, powerful roleplaying system for a large group.
Arcade Dreams är en Linköpingsbaserad butik som kommer ha med mycket brädspel och Warhammer men även en hel del annat roligt, så som lampor, pussel, böcker och Nintendo Switchspel m.m.. Kom gärna in och testa vår arkadmaskin.Vi kommer att ställa upp och dema/förklara ett urval av spel så det är bara att komma in och sätta igång. Exempel på spel som vi kommer att ha uppställda är: Europa Universalis: the Price of Power, Cloudspire, High Frontier, Bios Origins, Star Trek Ascendancy m. fl.

Kom med kompisar eller hitta kamrater på plats för att testa era kunskaper i kategorier så som brädspel, rollspel, tv/datorspel, Disney, anime och så vidare.
We will play different missions in Crusade-style, with rules for different theaters of war (environmental effects) dependent on which planet the battle is taking place. The aim for each alliance is to gain territories throughout the Holdius system, the team with the most territories when we are finished wins. Welcome to come and play A New Frontier, a Conflict game with lots of interaction and minimum down-time that has been in development for 3.5 years. The game is finally production ready and will be available on Kickstarter later this year. Lyckligtvis är resenären inte ensam om att vara Cruikshanks motståndare – en sällsam grupp har infunnit sig på värdshuset ”the wayward friar” som alla av olika anledningar finner mening i att förena sig med resenären och dennes uppdrag.

Under fredagen finns biblioteket på plats och har med oss böcker, spel och allt som behövs för att du ska kunna bli låntagare hos oss och fortsätta använda bibliotekets service framöver.
Defekta superhjältar: De spruckna pillren från hemsidan ger förvisso superkrafter, men på köpet även oväntade bieffekter. De med krafter blir kontaktade av Waste Disposal, som har storslagna planer. Men vad menar hon egentligen när hon säger att hon ska förändra allt?Detta är förstås en helt påhittad historia, men då det handlar om en försvunnen tonårsflicka så kan det frammana starka känslor. Det kan också komma upp ämnen som svåra hemförhållanden, sorg, död, våld (sexuellt och icke sexuellt), avundsjuka, svek. Om du är känslig för sådant får du gärna rådfråga oss innan du deltar.

Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game låter spelarna återskapa de episka striderna och konflikterna från Middle-Earth-universumet, inklusive ikoniska ögonblick från Sagan om Ringen. Det kommer ske två likadana turneringar över två olika tillfälle/pass. Det är alltså inga kval eller kvalfinal, bara hederliga brädspelsturnering x 2, där du har chansen att vinna finfina priser! Dropp-in. Kom testa Alpha Strike eller Warfare. Spelet som firar 40 år i år och som tjusat generationer. 12 meter höga Mechar slåss i Lance-formationer eller stjärnor, för nobla hus, genetiskt manipulerade Claner, eller syniska legosoldater. Universum ligger för dina fötter. In the 1950s the United States government made contact with a race of technologically advanced beings known as the Ghin. The Ghin leader, a brilliant scientist named Cronos, had come to earth seeking a cure for a deadly plague threatening to annihilate his race. Cronos believed the cure to the plague could be found within human DNA, which was remarkably similar to that of the Ghin. Less than twenty-four hours ago, several test subjects managed to escape the Subterra Bravo facility. Their actions led to a complete breakdown in relations between the human corroborators and Cronos’ minions. Having planned for this eventuality, the US government has enacted Omega Protocol . . .

Secret hitler och Deception: Murder in Hong kong är våra favoriter och kommer att vevas hela kvällarna men vi lämnar utrymme även för övriga anti-sociala infall som kan rymmas inom ramen för social deduction!
Här kommer vi ge möjlighet att testa några spel från utgivare som är kopplade till Indie Game Alliance samt förklara vilka fördelar som finns med att (kostnadsfritt) gå med som en Minion.Falkenjack Woodcraft säljer handtillverkade speltillbehör i framförallt trä. Tärningstorn, spelledarskärmar, kortorganiserare, etc. ingår i sortimentet.

The Holdius Prime system is attacked on all fronts by the invasion fleets consisting of the heretic and the alien, their aim is simple – burn it to ashes. The defenders rally under a noble aim, save what is left, no matter the costs.The Presence är ett strategispel som placerar dig i en viktoriansk spökhistoria. En omgång är antingen kooperativ eller en-mot-alla, men du kommer inte veta vilken..

What scale are 10mm figures?
roughly 1:160 scale 10mm figures are roughly 1:160 scale, they should stand about 10mm tall foot to eye (there has been a small amount of scale creep and our ranges tend to be between 10.5mm to 11mm foot to eye.
On Saturday, unsold items will be picked up. Unsold items that have not been picked up before Saturday at 17 go to the auction, unless otherwise agreed.Indierummet originates from the Story-Now movement. And is well suited for both beginners and veterans of the hobby. You are invited to join us or quell your curiosity with us.

Vi är ett litet startup som vill bedriva förlagsverksamhet i prototypskala. Vi har två färdiga spel som vi vill visa upp i vår monter. Även 2-3 spel som är under utveckling.
Touhou Sweden är en förening centrerad runt det japanska indiespelsfenomenet ”Touhou”. Touhou är en spelserie bestående av framförallt bullet-hell spel. Genom sin musik, värld och mängd av karaktärer har serien gett upphov till hundratals fan-spel, skapat en hel genre av musik och ett flertal (både officiella och icke-officiella ) manga serier. Hos oss kan ni bl.a testa på de många spelen, lyssna på musik och läsa manga .

Är du nybörjare eller veteran? Då är du rätt person att spela detta öppna svenska mästerskap som är urversionen av alla civilisationsspel, ett spel som passar alla! Väx, bygg, handla med andra spelare och forska för att klara dig bättre mot jordbävningar, förräderi, svält, epidemier, barbarer, pirater och mycket mer runt Medelhavet från historiens början tills romarriket grundas av vinnaren. Det går att kriga också, men det brukar i de flesta fall löna sig bäst för de spelare som inte är med i kriget.

Did you know that Japan has a very rich market for home made board games? In the Japanese Board Game room, you have the possibility to try out works of love from more or less crazy inventors, all from small card games to games with weird or unsellable themes. All games have rules in English or Swedish.
Mafia is an intensive and immensely fun game where those who can lie and see through other’s lies (or truths) excel. Every player is handed a secret role, either the good villager or the evil mafia. Next the villagers try to find the mafia and hang them, but the time is running out as every night one of the villagers gets shot by the mafia. The mafia know their partners, but the villagers know nothing.I butiken, förutom TCG:er, har vi löskort till Magic the gathering och Pokémon samt boosters, plastfickor, leklådor, pärmar och andra tillbehör till just kortspel.

How big is 1 10 scale figure?
If you build a 1/10 scale model, 1 inch on the model would equal 10 inches on the full-size subject.
Jag speltestar två egenutvecklade spel. Dessa har testats förut på Lincon och utvecklats vidare sen dess. Båda spelen finns tillgängliga för print and play, se länken. Jag har med mig ett exemplar av varje spel så antalet platser är begränsade. Boka en plats genom att maila [email protected] more info, please check the links in the picture. A 4-player test game, incl rules explanation (in Swedish or English), should take approximately 1 hour. If you wish to sign up for a session before hand, please contact Jonas at [email protected] or 0707-393948 We will not use the normal crusade unit advancement system with experience points etc. Missions will contain specific Agendas that let your units progress with new enhancements and other upgrades, as well as a simplified system for managing damaged/destroyed units, with negative effects that carry over to the next battle. For 4-5 players. As usual simplified conventions rules will be used, and we will do a quick rules explanation as we start the scenario. No previous knowledge will be necessary.

What is roleplaying culture? Is it isolated from society? Is it becoming mainstream? What do we tell and teach new players? I suggest the answer is reversed: what we don’t do well and what we should learn from newcomers. (in English)

Seriösa spelbaren bjuder på en stor samling nya och gamla brädspel. Många av dem är av den tyngre och komplexare sorten. Allt från Ark Nova till Wingspan. Vi lär ut dem alla. Maila om du vill ha en preliminär lista på spel som kommer att finnas.
Välkommen till Episka Konflikter! Här spelar vi brädspel med krig, direktkonflikt, civilisationsbyggande och episka historier. Våra spel är vanligtvis ganska komplexa och lite mer tidskrävande, men det är därför de känns så episka!Året är 1941 och runtom i Europa drabbar stormakter samman i det som kommer att kallas det andra världskriget. Trots att Sverige själva inte är indragna i kriget är spänningarna i landet påtagliga efter att ett tåg med medicinsk materiel och skadade soldater försvunnit på vägen från Haparanda till Narvik. Till följd av detta valde militären att stänga ner alla storskaliga transporter längs med denna sträcka, av rädsla för fler incidenter. Av politiska skäl har man däremot valt att fortsätta skicka mindre transporter med minimal, men väl förberedd, personal då transporterna måste fortsätta komma fram.Ta kontroll över en av stormakterna i andra (eller första) världskriget och testa din förmåga som strateg. Oavsett om du aldrig har testat tidigare och bara har en timme, eller om du spelat sen första versionen kom ut för snart 40 år sedan så har vi en variant för dig.

Our detailed and comprehensive 10mm miniature ranges are mostly produced by Magister Militum in our premises in Salisbury. We also stock the GHQ 10mm figure ranges for ACW and Napoleonic eras and some trucks from the 10mm Perrin range. 10mm figures are roughly 1:160 scale, they should stand about 10mm tall foot to eye (there has been a small amount of scale creep and our ranges tend to be between 10.5mm to 11mm foot to eye.
We specialise in: Biblical, Classical, Dark Ages, Medieval, Napoleonic, French Revolutionary, Franco Prussian War, American Civil War, Crimean War, Zulu War, First World War (WW1), Second World War (WW2), pre-historic (Dinosaurs and other extinct marine and land based creatures) and a huge range of Fantasy. He goes onto talk about his forthcoming Youtube channel, Mark’s Games Room and also his professional life as an award winning documentary film producer. As promised, here is the interview with Richard Tyndall and Laurence Baldwin, co-organisers of the Partizan shows. We talk about it’s history and development into what is widely regarded as the show that displays the pinnacle of the hobby with regards to both participation and demonstration games.

A lovely, globe spanning chat with Shawn Taylor on the west coast of Canada, and Robert Dunlop, although living in the UK, originally from New Zealand.
Big Lee, aka Lee Hadley from the Minature Adventures Youtube channel joined me for this episode to talk all things blogging, videoing and gaming in general. We even talk about 6mm!

Thanks as ever for your continued support and kind words following my return to the microphone. Up next is Tom McKinney from Little Wars TV talking about his rules writing and hobby adventures.
Rules author and wargamer Chris Pringle joins me today to talk about why the Russo Turkish War isn’t played as much as it should be, why not many people know that there was a mid 19th century revolution in Hungary and just how many words beginning with the letter ’B’ we can fit into one sentence.

A slightly different take on the hobby with this episode. Andy and I end up having a bit of a state of the hobby chat. Andy has some thoughts on the hobby that are slightly away from the norm and it’s a fascinating chat seeing the hobby through his eyes.
A lovely chat with Mack Sokolowski from Geek Villain, talking about his hobby history, how he got into making wargaming mats and about his kickstarter that still has 3 weeks to run.

A chat with the rules author Mark Fry about how he came to right Blitzkrieg Commander 4 and now Cold War Commander 2, due for release at Partizan in May 2022.
Per is back to celebrate 40 episodes of Gods Own Scale. A slight delay in this one, but the new year will hopefully see a more settled schedule of releases. I have arounf 5 or 6 guests lined up – some old, some new, to take us into the new year and beyond.

Lots of great hobby talk as Gareth tells us about his love of the Sengoku Jidai era, 6mm, and titivating tufts with a static grass applicator. Warning: This podcast may harm your wallet.
* Please note I’m using a brand new microphone and and I suspect my levels are a bit off. I’ve done the best I can and lesson learnt for future epsiodes.A peek behind the curtains at Commission Figurines, purveyors of MDF masterpieces including buildings in all scales, Really Useful Box inserts and little MDF men! 6mm MDF figures that allow you to build huge armies at pocket money prices. Check out Walter’s website here

As usual we veer off topic a couple of times, but hopefully there’s something of interest in there for you. Any commnets ideas or suggestions please get in touch at [email protected], or find me on twitter @godsownscale. Or why join the God’s Own Scale Facebook group which is growing by the day.In the greatest comeback since the comback kid came back, God’s Own Scale is back. I wont say it’s bigger, better, stronger etc; because it’s not. It’s just back!An interview with Emmy Award winning film producer, Mark Fastoso. Please note I get the episode numbering wrong udring the episode. This is most likely episode 53 and not 55. I did lose track of the numbering system a while a go. What can I say? Numbers are hard.

Thanks to all round Mr Nice Guy, Tim Porter, the ubiquitous Madaxeman of wargaming. Huge apologies for the delay in releasing this epsiode, after saying to Tim it would be out in a couple of days, its actually taken me close on two weeks due to some I.T. issues.
Hot on the heels of episode 47 comes this chat with Peter Berry from Baccus Miniatures. We talk about where Baccus is at the moment and around plans for the Joy of 6 taking place on Sunday 3rd July in Sheffield.1:144 scale has become a very popular scale for airliners and other large aircraft, however, there is a large number of other aircraft kits that are produced. The large size of airliners makes this scale ideal for modeling. To use a larger scale would not only be expensive but difficult to manufacture and their size alone would prohibitively limit the market of said kits. Several companies use this scale as well for historical spacecraft such as the Vostok 1, Saturn 1B, and Saturn V (Airfix) and the Space Shuttle (Revell). 1:144 scale is also seeing an increase in popularity in the use of model warships, particularly submarines, though other vessels are available. Aircraft, traditionally have been the primary source of kits, Trumpeter, Revell of Germany, Dragon, Sweet, Platz, Micro Ace (former Arii) and Minicraft are frequent contributors to this growing niche. There is also an ever increasingly number of resin kits in this scale.

In the construction and use of dollhouses, 1:144 scale represents the scale that a 1:12 scale dollhouse would have in a 1:12 scale dollhouse. This is often called Dolls’ dollhouse or Dollhouse’s dollhouse.
At this scale, a typical house is about 50 mm (1.969 in) across. Making internal parts for such a house is a difficult task for the home hobbyist. Commercial manufacturers often use laser cutting technology to ensure clean lines.

What scale is bigger 1 100 or 1:144?
A: 1/100 models are bigger than 1/144. Think of it in terms of scale. A 1/1 scale F91 would be 15.2 meters, this 1/100 is about 8-9″, the 1/144 F91 model would probably be around 5-6″.
The majority of model warships built for model warship combat are constructed from scratch or partial kits in 1/144 scale although some exist in other scales.

1:144 scale is a scale used for some scale models such as micro/mini armor. 1:144 means that the dimensions of the model are 1/144 (0.00694) the dimensions of the original life-sized object; this equates to a scale of 1/2 inch per 6 feet of original dimension. For instance, an airplane 30 feet (9.14 m) in length would be a mere 2.5 inches (63.5 mm) long as a 1:144 scale model.
1:144 scale finished and semi-finished models are becoming a popular trend not only in Asia, but in the West as well. Many European and American collectors are welcoming them for both model military vehicle display and miniature wargaming purposes. It is twice as large as traditional micro armor / mini armor of the 1:285 (~6 mm (0.236 in) figure) and 1:300 (~5 mm (0.197 in) figure) scale yet practically just as useful.There are also a growing number of 1:144 military models. The scale (compatible with the N scale of railroad modeling) gained popularity in Japan. The available products include pre-painted and assembled World War II / modern armour such as Doyusha’s CanDo line and Subarudo’s World Tank Museum line, and pre-painted, semi-assembled World War II aircraft. Military miniature companies like Pendraken, Pithead Miniatures, Game Figures Inc. and Magister Militum produce a wide variety of artillery pieces, tanks, infantry vehicles and support weapons in this scale. 1:144 offers wargamers the satisfaction of much greater detail than ”micro armour” (which comes in 1:285 and 1:300 scales and of which 1:144 scale is approximately and conveniently twice as large) with the models remaining small enough to fight entire battles on a simple dinner table.Racing Champions also made many lines of micro cars and trucks during the late 1990s. These models included NASCAR stock cars, NHRA funny cars and top fuel rail dragsters, classic automobiles, sought-after muscle cars, and even semi trucks. Although these Ertl-manufactured models are described as 1:144 scale; they are actually 1.5 in (38.1 mm) replicas.

1:144 (~12 mm (0.472 in) figure) scale modeling and miniatures are considered closely related to N scale (1:148-1:160 scale) (~10 mm (0.394 in) figure) and many pieces from both scales can be used interchangeably.
Yes thanks to all you lovely people I was lucky enough to be one of those chosen to go forward in the Podcast category to the Awards Show in late March.

Next episode will feature the wonderful Henry Hyde who is relatively new to the hobby ? so I’m sure you’ll give him a Reet Big Yarkshire welcome. That should be out in 10 days to a couple of weeks.
I chat with Nick about his background and his wargaming experiences before moving onto the history of the St Patricks Battalion and the Papal Zouaves using his book Victorian Crusaders, published by Helion as my guide.

What is 1 10 scale in mm?
scale 1:10 = 180 mm.
We discuss Richards entry into the hobby in a mere 4 minutes before discussing Big Games in general, tackling the Yarkshire Gamer Quiz before discussing Legendary Wargames.But that’s the future, it’s time to introduce my guest, I first became aware of Martyn Kelly from his Facebook posts regarding some huge participation games he has put on at Conventions in the US. He’s done some brilliant Italian Wars games featuring a 196 figure Pike Block which in my opinion really represents the 9,500 men who were actually in that block, much better than 24 figures for sure. Which is better, Worcestershire Sauce or Henderson Relish, Yazoo or The Flying Pickets and what we are having for Xmas Dinner. Stories of tape measure duels and Big Games abound in a lengthy 2 hrs and 40 minutes. Chris has been putting on large display games on the UK Wargames Show Circuit since the early 1980s. Beginning with the S.O.D.S group he was part of an amazing series of exclusively Napoleonic Games which were truly In the Grand Manner and a regular highlight at many of the events I attended.

Welcome back everyone, it’s been nearly 2 months since the last episode, doing 5 in December was like setting a flamethrower to both ends of the candle and I had burnt myself out.
The episode opens with a little story from Nick Skinner of Toofatlardies and if you don’t enjoy that its going to be a very long 3 and a half hours. Interspersed throughout the show are Xmas messages from those guests from 2022 who could work out how to record a voice file 😉

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