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In this episode, I’m sharing some practical strategies for building an audience from scratch, even if you don’t have anything to sell yet. If you’re someone who has a dream or a vision or you want to start your side hustle or you know that sommmeeday you want to leap into entrepreneurship, this is where you should start. And if you’re someone who’s struggling to sell your offer or grow your audience, this will also work for you.I’ve never been the biggest hat-wearer (unless it’s floppy on a beach in Maui!), but I definitely find myself wearing a lot in my business as the CEO, creative director, podcast host, social media manager, bookkeeper, and a million other things.

Colin Boyd has been on the professional speaking circuit for over a decade, and he’s advised the biggest names in the industry to speak and sell from both virtual and live stages. Most recently, he helped ME and my team revamp our keynote presentation for our Pinterest Lab launch and under his guidance, we more than DOUBLED our revenue goals.Karolina Rzadkowolska’s passion is helping women discover what really makes them happy outside of a beverage and designing a life they love. She is an alcohol-free empowerment expert who helps women ditch alcohol and discover their greater purpose, unleashing a new level of health, happiness, and potential to go after their biggest dreams. And to learn more about our automated chat strategy that drove our results, listen to this episode of the show, and DM me the word FUNNEL to be connected with the team that ran it for me! Today she is committed to teaching anyone who will listen about what they can do if only they believe, most recently through her brand new book, Made from Scratch: Finding Success Without a Recipe.

One of my goals is to really foster friendships in different ways this year. It’s one of those things that the more that I have conversations about it, the more that I feel like there’s so much commonality among us, and especially people who are entrepreneurial or who find themselves working from home, I think there are a lot of common threads of ways that we might be feeling or struggles we might be having, or situations we might find ourselves in that we don’t often get to talk to because we don’t have the friends to talk about this topic with.In her new book, The Elevation Approach, she shares her four-phase plan for work-life harmony, a flexible and foolproof technique that helps you meet your goals without sacrificing joy for productivity and progress.

In this conversation, Jen and I will explore what it means to be bold – because it’s not just taking risks – and how you can level up your failures and turn them into your greatest strengths. We talk about mediocrity and the big, bold move she made that got Keanu Reeves to call her back… You have to hear this story!
Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating to stare at a blank screen and a search bar with endless possibilities… Which is exactly why I wanted to record this episode for you today, after my team and I have done plenty of research (and trial and error!) ourselves.Personal development has become a buzzword in the modern era, with individuals all over the world focusing on and ready to enhance themselves. The market for self-improvement products and services is booming, and it’s easy to become obsessed with the latest strategies, tactics, and techniques for personal growth.255 days ago, I experimented with going alcohol free… and after experiencing a clearer mind and an all-around more vibrant energy, this experiment has lasted way longer than I first planned. Have you thought about ditching alcohol yourself? Are you examining your relationship with alcohol and how it impacts your work, your personal relationships, and your health?I’ve always been a high-achieving, ambitious person who wanted to go the extra mile and see what was possible for myself. And I’m *still* that person… Although recently, especially after having children, I’ve felt an immense peace in my life that I never, ever want to lose.This episode is to help you make conscious choices that align with that value–with 5 ways to trade money to get back time to do the things that matter most. Click play NOW to dive in!

In today’s episode, Chanti simplifies the entire process of creating a quiz that is “freakishly accurate,” which I know you’re going to LOVE. Click play now to start showing up for your people in bigger, better ways!
Some people might look at an ADHD diagnosis as a negative thing, but over the last year it has been so affirming and empowering for me. I refuse to be held back by it–thought that’s *not* to say it hasn’t come with its fair share of challenges.But Matthew McConaughey is much more than just a talented performer. He’s also a writer, a philosopher, and a seeker of truth and meaning. His recent book, Greenlights, has become a sensation, topping the bestseller lists and inspiring readers around the world with its honest, humorous, and insightful reflections on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Hey, you! *Yes, you!* You don’t need to be ANYONE else in order to make money… in fact, your unique personality is *exactly* what your ideal client is looking for. In fact, I dive into this topic inside of my books pages. Of course, you can read the entire thing by getting your copy at… but for now, let’s celebrate the one year anniversary of How Are You, Really? by listening to Chapter 14: What Brooke Shields Doesn’t know: Why Your Story Matters A Lot. Enjoy (preferably with cake, too)!

*Different* was an understatement, of course… Because over the next few days, we completely blew our goals out of the water and served over 24,000 humans in the process. *mind blown!*
Through her work with hundreds of clients she’s seen firsthand that bringing out your personality in your writing is pure magic for getting people to love you, share your ideas, and happily click your Buy button. You *have* to hear her hilarious stories + strategies, so get ready to get paid to be YOU and click play now!In fact, I was JUST there–like, last week–because my ADHD brain deeeefinitely doesn’t love my constant tab-switching and Slack distractions from what I’m working on. (Who knew?!) “Screw morning routines!” It’s kind of hilarious because while I’ve said that, deep down inside I’ve yearned to have one. I’ve believed that maybe a morning routine could unlock that next level of success or that I’m broken because I just can’t stick to a routine. I always think about my life like a series of seasons, and each one brings a different main value to the forefront. In some seasons, money becomes the king, and we’re willing to trade our time for it. You see this a lot when you’re just starting up a business or when you’re going through big changes like pivoting or launching something new. It’s the harsh reality of the game.Hiring staff, getting office space, working with more and more contractors… These are often regarded as the quote-unquote sexy parts of a business on the rise. But are those steps right for your business? Do you need them to be successful and scale your income?

Wanting to work from home is nothing new – however, studies show that the pandemic increased the desire, especially in women, to continue to do work that they can do from home.
Ready to start managing your time better and get MORE done in LESS time? Click PLAY on this episode where she teaches us her 4-part to-do list strategy NOW!Dr. Sasha Hamdani is a board-certified psychiatrist and ADHD clinical specialist. I first started following her about a year ago on Instagram (@thepsychdoctormd) when I was diagnosed with ADHD and wanted to learn more about it.

Through his writing and his acting, he has become a cultural icon, a symbol of resilience, authenticity, and creativity in a world that can often feel overwhelming and uncertain. There’s so much we can all learn from the legendary Matthew McConaughey in his interview on the Goal Digger Podcast!
A few years ago, I decided to take the practice of ‘checking in on myself’ a heck of a lot more seriously. So much that it turned into, well, an entire book. A life inventory isn’t as intensive as it sounds either. Trust me — this process? It’s like sweet, sweet relief.

You know by now that I am not a person in pursuit of “balance” – I want blend. I want my life as a mother and as an entrepreneur and as Jenna, the human, to blend together so that I can show up as my full self wherever I am, never having to segment or compartmentalize who I am or what I love. Today’s guest has a similar philosophy, and it’s the concept of work-life harmony.I couldn’t think of a better person to help us craft compelling stories that resonate with our target market. Discover the secrets to successful storytelling with Colin Boyd by clicking PLAY on today’s episode!

Goal Diggers, you know how much I love to nerd out on all things mental health, self care, boundaries… all the things. If this kind of stuff is your jam too, you’re going to LOVE today’s guest!

Dr. Hamdani has seriously changed my life for the better when it comes to understanding my diagnosis and I am SO excited to have her on the show today to discuss mental health and self care, so click play NOW to hear her insights!
Today, she’s going to share with us how to use social media to sell inventory, what it’s like working with family, how she knew when it was time to level up, and so much more. I’m positive that you do NOT need to be in the fashion industry to learn from her advice, and you’ll love this conversation!Just as I believe that every brand should have pillars and values that they stand on, so does this very show! And so I wanted to explore what you can expect from this show as we embark on 2023 and where your life will improve every time you tune in.For me, whenever I learn the science behind something, I automatically buy into it at a deeper level. It feels more solid and not so wishy-washy. One thing I’ve been super invested in over the last year is learning how to better manage and utilize my time. There are tons of hacks on the internet for productivity and time management, but I need to hear the science behind any method before I let it into my life. In this episode, I’ll share our 5 Goal Digger pillars, reveal a little bit about our upcoming episodes, point you in the direction of some past episodes to help you dive into our five key areas of focus, and some of the things I’m excited about and working on behind the scenes to help you improve your life and business this year. When I tell you about this marketing strategy exponentially grew my email list and therefore my business, I mean it! I can’t keep something this good a secret, so I’ve invited the absolute best source I know to dig into the system and strategy with us on the podcast.She follows a 3-step approach with all of her clients: do the inner work FIRST, embody your next level self, THEN magnetize your dream life and business. Today, we’re discussing the first step in that process: doing the work to tap into your inner resilience and overcoming limiting beliefs using a powerful technique called EFT Tapping.

My guest today, Mignon François, can tell you that you do NOT need to go into debt to chase your dreams… in fact, she started her business, The Cupcake Collection, on the last $5 she had to feed her family and turned it into a legacy with over five million cupcakes sold.
Jen Cohen has seen the evidence of this concept in action. In order to really benefit from it though, you need to discover your own form of boldness, and Jen Cohen can help. She has made an impressive career as an authority in health and fitness, a motivational speaker, a chart-topping podcast host and more… And there’s one common theme throughout all of these career milestones: Choosing boldness and going after the life she wanted, not the life she was given.

Okay, okay, before you shy away from the word “Bots”, you have to hear how we were able to add thousands of new subscribers who are now part of my brand ecosystem beyond just following me on social media and how there are still very organic elements to something automated.
Over a year ago, I made a decision that I wanted to move through life in a different way. I wanted to feel differently. My word of the year last year was the word vibrant. I didn’t want to just look vibrant. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to embody it.I wanted it to be something that people noticed. And boy, did you guys notice.

But there’s one thing that I think keeps getting forgotten in this space where we’re challenged to learn and grow and do… it’s the PERSONAL part of developing. In this episode, we’ll discuss why it’s vital to remember that personal development is about the ”personal” aspect as much as it is about the ”development.” In other words, it’s important to focus on the individualism of the process, rather than simply following generic blueprints.
After suffering a breakdown from the simultaneous death of her boyfriend and father’s cancer diagnosis, Melissa Simkins made the courageous decision to leave her successful and impressive corporate position to shift to a life that didn’t neglect her faith, family, and wellness. She launched her company SheSuite from her living room with no contacts, contracts or clients and discovered not only a new job but her life’s work.

Is writing a book a goal you’ve held close to your heart for many years, but you feel like you haven’t had the time or energy or skill to make it happen?
Before she knew it, her first “brami” (bra + cami) design went viral on TikTok in 2020 and showed her what’s possible for her small business, Klassy Network.

If you’ve been on social media lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Artificial Intelligence has quickly become the talk of the business world. It seriously felt like overnight, everyone and their tech-savvy mother started using ChatGPT for everything from creating meal plans and grocery lists to writing resumes and job descriptions. It’s time to turn challenges into opportunities for growth… and we can only do that with the right mindset. On today’s episode of Goal Digger, I have just the guest to help us with that! Through her story and message of dreaming big amidst life’s heaviest challenges, Melissa Simkins empowers working women to boldly create a life and career with purpose. She’s on the Goal Digger Podcast to share her actionable tools to create an impactful and meaningful life and career.

Chandler Bolt is the CEO of Through his books, podcasts, YouTube channels, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people write a book that grows their income, impact, and business. He’s on the Goal Digger Podcast to dig into the world of writing and self-publishing a book, from narrowing down an idea, the strategies to write a great book in a short amount of time, and how to promote that book, even if you’re not showing up with a massive built-in audience of potential readers.

I wanted to invite her on the podcast to share more about our home build experience and what it actually takes to bring a dream home vision to life, what it’s like to work with your partner, how to create an exceptional experience as a service provider and also how she’s built a hometown Minnesota service-based business that is expanding her reach to all ends of the world from the comfort of her own home.It’s easy for us to feel like we’re constantly in creation mode. It becomes a process of churning and burning and our content doesn’t work FOR us, we’re just constantly working ON it. Well, it’s time that changes.

So, Goal Digger, this episode is a bit different than normal. I’m giving you a front row seat to my daily debate: should I scale bigger or shut it down? I may not have all the answers, but I do feel like I am at a beautiful place a decade into my entrepreneurial journey where I am genuinely finding joy every day in the work that I’m doing, but also in the life that I’m living. To me, that is the greatest gift that I could have ever been given, and I wish nothing but the same for you.
We hear a lot of different methods that we can grow as humans, whether it’s hiring a business coach, joining a mastermind, or buying an online course, but it can be super confusing to navigate and it can also be really hard to know what the right investment is or if an investment will be worth it for you.We’re talking about how our relationships have been affected through our entrepreneurial journeys and what you could expect if this is the year that YOU put in your two weeks notice and leave what you’ve known to embark on something new. Ready for a chat with Amy like you’ve never heard her? Thankfully, my friend Marie Forleo shares the science of time in her program, Time Genius (and I’ve completed the program three-times over!) I pick up something new every time I dive into this program, and I wanted to share some super pertinent learnings around the topic of time and priorities with you. In this episode, we’re going to talk about 3 science-backed truths to help you prioritize the RIGHT things so you can accomplish your big goals and get back to your life. Shay’s wildly popular stock images subscription business, Social Squares, is evidence of that. Shay works just 16 hours a week so she can get back to being a human and mom and wife. Shay wants to encourage other entrepreneurs to tune out those distracting outside voices and dial into what you really want. You can do things differently, and this conversation will help you see what’s possible.I can’t WAIT for you to hear our conversation today about how she does it all, prioritizes her health FIRST, and how your bottom line is affected if you don’t do the same. Click play NOW!Be honest with yourself for a moment. Is the work you’ll dedicate your time and energy to today just a j-o-b, or is it your life’s work? Do you find yourself clocking in and clocking out, collecting your paycheck, and yearning for more, regardless of the impressive titles you might have on your resume to show for it? This conversation is exactly what you need to hear.In fact, doing so can help you better understand your target market, build relationships with potential customers, establish your credibility, and ultimately, increase the chances of success when you do launch your product or service.

But here’s the thing: once you’ve achieved some level of success or financial freedom, you start to realize that time is the real treasure. You’d gladly give up some of that hard-earned money to get back those precious moments. I always think about it like this—time is a non-renewable resource. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. Money, on the other hand, you can always find a way to earn more.
I can’t wait for you to hear her full grassroots story of success, be inspired through her powerful words, and learn how YOU can follow in her footsteps to do the same in this episode of the Goal Digger Podcast. So click PLAY now!That’s right: a Cosmo-style, ridiculously fun quiz can play a key role in growing your email list, serving your clients, and giving you insight into what people need or want from you. It’s my *favorite* marketing strategy that today I’m giving you allllll the deets.

I have to be honest, this conversation is a true “pinch me” moment. I’m so honored to host a conversation with a true Hollywood icon who has captivated audiences for decades with his performances on the big screen. From his breakout role in ”Dazed and Confused” to his Oscar-winning turn in ”Dallas Buyers Club,” he has proven time and again to be one of the most versatile and compelling actors of his generation.
What’s your unpopular opinion? I love this question. It’s a really fascinating opportunity for people to share a countercultural or a counterintuitive belief that they hold, that they believe enough to proclaim. I definitely hold a few unpopular opinions and some not-so-normal business practices that other people might judge.

In this episode, we’re diving into the benefits of having a quiz, 3 types of quizzes that have worked well for me, ideas to get you started on creating your own, and my top tips that you MUST use when creating your quiz!
I’ve built a business that gives me a lot of opportunities for my days to ebb and flow, so I want you to know that as I am sharing a day in my current life. As always, take what serves you and leave the rest behind as you click play on this behind-the-scenes episode of the Goal Digger Podcast!That’s right: today I am chatting with Natalie Rogers Soto, an innovative fashion designer who has gained a reputation for her stylish brami tops. However, she’s not just a designer – she’s also a savvy entrepreneur.

It probably doesn’t surprise you that in 2023, building a loyal audience is critical to the success of any business. Most entrepreneurs and creators know that they need an audience to sell their offer… but what if I told you that BEFORE you even have a product or service to sell, you can – and should – start building your audience?
In this episode, I’m not here to tell you how to PACK your days with every single thing and hack every hour and sacrifice your sanity in order to do it all. In fact, you might find I do far less than you imagine…Discover how to put “you” into your copy + business on today’s episode of Goal Digger, where I speak with Laura Belgray: an award-winning copywriting expert.Why do people always say ’the riches are in the niches’? It’s all about the power of specialization, my friend. By focusing on a specific market or industry, you can tap into a highly targeted customer base and charge premium prices for your specialized products and services. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love the idea of making more money, right?Well, that sucked! Have you ever uttered those words to yourself, reflecting on some perceived failure or flub in your life, feeling all sorts of defeated and rundown and ready to toss in your sweat-and-tear soaked towel? No one is immune to a metaphorical gut punch every now and then, but it’s how we move forward after the blow that makes all the difference.

What could you do in 16 hours a week? Well, my guest today is going to share how she built and sustained a business with just that – first out of necessity but then out of desire. Shay Cochrane is a major proponent of NOT neglecting your life to be profitable. You can be a whole person while still building a successful business.[/su_quote
]By the time Leila Hormozi was 29-years old she sold her first business for $50 million. By the age of 30, her portfolio of companies crossed $200M per year in portfolio revenue spanning brick & mortar service, licensing, education, e-commerce and more.In this episode of the Goal Digger Podcast, I’m spilling ALLLL off the tea about how we doubled our best launch when promoting The Pinterest Lab. So pour yourself a cup and learn from what worked (and what didn’t) to sell your next offer!

Tina Wells’s story is so interesting and so inspiring. She turned a business that she launched when she was just a teenager into an award-winning marketing agency, led boardroom meetings as the youngest (and sometimes only) Black woman in the room, and pursued her childhood dream of traveling around the world. Now, Tina is a business strategist, advisor, author, and founder. Through it all, she’s crafted a method for maintaining work-life harmony, that is, she doesn’t forgo joy and peace for productivity, and that’s something I can get behind.
Taking risks for our dreams is a concept that we talk about on the Goal Digger Podcast all the time, but it is something that can be difficult to put into practice. Kylie Low has been the producer behind the Goal Digger Podcast for over four years now, but in February 2023 Kylie came to me with an announcement I always expected to hear from her – She was ready to step down from producing this podcast to pursue her dreams and work on her own podcast full time.There are a million reasons why I keep talking about this topic and in today’s episode, I’m sharing the top 5 reasons why you need an email list in 2023.

The words you use to describe and sell and promote your business can honestly make or break it, and yet not many of us start our businesses as skilled wordsmiths. Hiring a copywriter when you’re just starting out isn’t always a budget-friendly option – it certainly wasn’t for my business. Luckily there are resources to help you shape up your copy and pick the right words for the greatest success in your business. Tori Autumn is one of those incredible resources.
Ashley, founder of The Boutique Hub, is a Midwestern mama who’s busy as a bee and had to create systems around how she could get her work done so she could get back to life. In our conversation, she gives us *loads* of helpful tips for small business owners to manage our time wisely, make the most out of each day, and embrace our inner CEO.

Tori Autumn is an email strategist and copywriter committed to helping coaches and course creators grow impactful businesses. In this episode, Tori shares her secrets to high converting copy for emails and sales pages, as well as some strategies to overcome common roadblocks and get out of your own way when it comes to marketing your business as a new entrepreneur.

Dr. Contessa is a wife, mother, doctor, Navy Veteran, a main cast member on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine,” AND a successful entrepreneur running two different businesses… That’s right: she’s changing the world… and rocking all those hats flawlessly.
Amanda Bybel is a mom, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a corporate dropout, a Master Certified NLP Practitioner and Trainer, Certified Success & Life coach, Hypnotherapist, TIME Techniques Practitioner, + EFT Practitioner.Are we screwed if we don’t have a morning routine or if we’re in a season of life where morning routines just aren’t realistic? For a while I thought that was the case until I started incorporating this new idea, and it has been LIFE CHANGING. This episode is all about what to do if a morning routine just isn’t your thing or isn’t plausible in this season of life. I was recently with a ton of other leaders in our industry and the topic of building a team came up a lot and I was shocked at how complicated some of the processes were around hiring. I’m not knocking them, but they just aren’t for me. From getting agents to help find candidates to having 5 part interviews or massive requirements, it just isn’t how I do things. Natasha Willis is the co-founder of School of Bots, where she and her team have generated over $30 million in sales for clients and taught over 14,000 marketers how to generate highly qualified leads and convert them faster with conversational marketing on Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, WhatsApp, and SMS.

In this conversation, Karolina shares what happens when you take a break from alcohol, how going alcohol-free can double your business and even lead you to discover your greater purpose. If you’ve ever considered going alcohol-free, or even if you haven’t, this episode will get you thinking about the idea in a whole new way.
In this episode, I’ll discuss the benefits and downsides of work from home life and 10 ideas to get you thinking about how your own personal and professional experience could transfer into work from home businesses that you can start tomorrow.

Those are some massive numbers. There’s no skirting that fact. But does bigger mean better? And does achieving big things = happiness? If you’ve ever achieved a big goal but found that that achievement didn’t automatically result in more happiness for you, keep listening to this conversation with Leila. I’m excited to have her on the podcast to talk about how she’s reframed what it means to be both happy and successful – honestly, the way she described it is life-changing.

It’s hard to explain just how powerful it is to have your story (in all its vulnerable glory) in hardcover for anyone in the world to read. And although it gives me a liiiiittle anxiety if I think about it too long, it also feels important… because our stories are our legacy.
In this episode, we’ll talk about different ways you can be mentored throughout your journey and I’ll share my own experiences and investments – some totally worth it, others not so much – and how you can cost it out to make the best decision based on where you’re at, what your goals are, and where you want to go.Vasavi Kumar has the sort of confidence you can FEEL and now she’s going to share how you can harness the power of confidence in your life. In this episode, she shares her insights on how self-talk, confidence, and self-trust are all interconnected to each other. She emphasizes that we’re often our harshest critics and our negative self-talk is something we would never say to others. So why is it that we’re so harsh to ourselves? At its core, it’s a lack of love of compassion for ourselves.

Want to learn more and see if chat funnels could work in your business? DM me the word CHAT on Instagram @jennakutcher or @goaldiggerpodcast to experience how a chat funnel works in real time.
In this final installment of the Jenna & Kylie series on the Goal Digger Podcast, Kylie shares the behind the scenes of her decision to leave her full-time job working for me to dive into her own projects. We reflect on the almost 5 years working together and what I’ve learned as the boss of someone who I always felt was more entrepreneurial than employee from day one. We get a little teary-eyed, but this conversation is a raw look at what happens when you realize it’s time to say goodbye.This ONE email marketing strategy got me 100,000 subscribers… and it can help you be known to the masses too, with the help of my guest today: Chanti Zak!In this episode, I’ll share 7 tips for identifying and maximizing your niche so you can get specialized and do more of what you love (and what makes you more money!)

What did that journey look like to overcome those unhealthy patterns and find a deeply fulfilling life? Mallory gets vulnerable and real in her new book, Living Fully, and she’s on the Goal Digger Podcast with me now to unpack pieces of her story that I know we can all relate to. If you’ve ever felt like you’re living a “just fine” existence, that you’re stuck in a valley and can’t see the light, or that you’re not truly living the life that’s true to your visions, this is the conversation for you. Pour a cup of coffee and get cozy for this chat with my friend Mallory Ervin.
So this episode is all about making friends as an adult – the who, the where, and the how (even the dating apps that could actually help you connect with new pals!) In this episode, I'm gonna break down the six unpopular opinions or business practices that I hold with confidence – things that I often get teased about or I talk about with others who kind of scoff or look at me with disbelief. I’ll break down why I stand behind the methods of my madness. Let's talk about how we can give our content a longer life span so that long after we hit publish, it’s still working for us and bringing us results. My third point in this episode will blow your mind and have you rethink your content creation process forever.

Over the last year we’ve been planning, designing, and watching the process unfold as we build our dream home. Building a dream home is intimidating. Luckily we found a dream team and partner in this journey who has made the process absolutely incredible. Kirsten Erickson is the founder of Alma Homes, a Minneapolis-based design build firm that serves clients throughout the country, she’s also been my friend since high school. Want to have a powerful life-changing conversation with questions to bring out deep meaningful answers? These five questions are the basis of the powerful life-changing conversations I was part of at a mastermind early in 2023. Asking these questions of yourself and your peers is a way that we can support one another in real time and show up for each other throughout the year. What would it look like for you if you brought these 5 questions into your life and business? It’s no secret that AI can be a MASSIVE time-saver for small businesses. Using tools like ChatGPT, SwellAI, Copymatic, Jasper, and SO many more can allow you to work smarter, not harder. And once you master the art of using them to your advantage, you’ll get more time back in your day to do what you really love.But something that’s been on my mind recently has been the delicate balance between wanting more and being content with what I have. Have you ever wondered the same?

But recently, I felt empowered to prioritize tasks, eliminate distractions, and create a laser-focused action plan to help me reach my goals… all because of this conversation I had with Ashley Alderson. I threw a party for my book! Ok, not really… but Drew, the girls, and I *did* eat some cake. We had to celebrate somehow! Because my first book, New York Times bestseller How Are You, Really? turned one this week, and let me tell you: I am feeling alllll the feels. From hitting the top of the charts to selling over 100,000 copies, to over 1,000 reviews on Amazon – it’s been a wild ride and one I have LOVED. If you’ve been tuning in all these years but still have yet to start an email list, I hope this is the episode that helps you make the leap into email marketing. I promise when you do, it’ll change your business in massive ways, so click play NOW!

In this episode, we’ll dig into what it’s like to scale back and still grow your business in a way that feels right for you. For almost two years, Olivia Herrick has been running her business as lean as possible. No contractors, she didn’t replace her studio manager, and she ditched her out of home studio space. But instead of her revenue scaling back as she scaled back her operations, she actually generated more income and learned a lot along the way.I get it: a life like mine can kind of look like a mystery from the outside. How do I have time to run a massive business, work with a team, be a parent, care for my health, and do *everything* else I do — in the same 24 hours? In this episode, I’m cracking open my book and deep-diving into an entire chapter with you! The first chapter of my first book, bestseller “How Are You, Really?”, introduces what I learned from “asking the quieter question” and the practice of doing your OWN life inventory! Start listening and let’s do the work together! Chanti is a quiz funnel strategist, growth consultant and coach that’s obsessed with psychology, interactive marketing, and getting brag worthy results for her students and clients. She helps online business owners create quiz funnels for their offers (myself included)!Mallory Ervin is known for exuding energy, joy, and laughter, whether on stage in the Miss America pageant or on screen as a three-time contestant on The Amazing Race. She built a platform from her passion of sharing fashion, beauty, and life, and now it’s a global lifestyle brand. But despite her public accomplishments, Mallory is no stranger to battling unhealthy attachments to performance and success.As we go through the different seasons of life, let's keep in mind this profound truth about time and money. The goal is for us to find that sweet spot between chasing financial stability and preserving our most valuable asset—time.

Her social media is SO educational; she effortlessly breaks down stigmas and provides accessible information about mental health. In January of this year, Dr. Hamdani published her first book, Self-Care for People with ADHD: 100+ Ways to Recharge, De-Stress, and Prioritize You! and I It is FULL of actionable tips and, along with her company FocusGenie, which is an app (coming soon!) for focus, productivity, and ADHD education!
In this episode, I’ll answer your biggest questions when it comes to health and habits. Things like what I eat in a day and the devices I use and how much all of this costs.Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a world-renowned emotional health advocate and expert in the areas of grit and resilience. Her mission is to help people rebuild after life-altering moments. This isn’t a dose of toxic positivity or emotional perfectionism – this is research-backed advice for getting up and getting on with life when you’ve been bowled over. Do you ever feel left behind or think you’re so far from where you want to be? This feeling is normal, but how does it manifest in your self-talk? Is it belittling or comforting? For most of us, it’s that voice in our head that keeps saying we’re not enough — we’re never enough. Negative self-talk ISN’T about being positive all the time. It IS, however, about finally showing yourself some well-deserved love and compassion… and the queen of saying it out loud is saying it loud and proud on Goal Digger today.In the last few years, we haven't done a lot of really big live launches. It's been a while since we've done a REALLY big launch. The truth is, there are a lot of reasons why we haven't gone all out: pregnancy, postpartum, not having an office, and more.I was about to go Live for my third webinar of the week when I said to a member of my team, “I can’t believe how relaxed I feel. This launch just FEELS different.”Author of "How Are You, Really?" Jenna Kutcher is redefining what success means and how you can find more joy, ease, and peace in the pursuit of your goals. If you’re ready to rewrite the parts of your life that are inauthentic so that you can move forward in confidence, it’s time to ask yourself the question you’ve been avoiding, "How Are You, Really?" Grab your copy today! How do I build my dream job? How do I make money online? Am I ready to leave my 9 to 5? How do I market my business? How can I create passive income? How can I grow my Instagram following? And the biggest question of all, can I *really* turn my passion into profits? Whether you’re a dreamer, have a side hustle, or you’re growing an empire, this is the show for you. The Goal Digger Podcast is a live-workshop style business and marketing podcast packed with actionable step-by-step tips that are helping thousands redefine success and chase bolder dreams. You can train with the experts on how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. Host Jenna Kutcher brings you social media strategies, productivity tips, business hacks, authentic entrepreneurship truths and inspirational stories that can help YOU design your dream business and life. Jenna shares tangible, actionable advice that she used to escape the 9-5 hustle and become a self-made millionaire through photography, digital courses, affiliate marketing, and influencer campaigns. She’s sharing everything that has helped her navigate over a decade of entrepreneurship. Along with sharing her best-kept secrets, she interviews the top women in the industry who will share their secrets to ensure you are seen, heard, (and hired!) With 50 million downloads and counting, the Goal Digger movement is growing every day and now it’s YOUR TURN to hear from the experts, get inspired, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. Proud Member of the Hubspot Podcast Network

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