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King, widely known for the mobile game Candy Crush Saga, was initially valued at SEK 46 billion, at roughly 145 kronor per stock. However, it dropped more than 15 percent in just a day, news agency TT reports.

”I don’t focus on how the price develops in one single day. My aim is to create lasting value for the shareholders in the long run, and I do that by building a great company,” Zacconi says.
Daily news podcast Mon – Fri at 4.30pm, plus weekly summary on Thursdays at 4.30pm on P2 (P6 89.6FM in Stockholm), repeated on Mondays at 4.30pm on P2/P6.Swedish-founded game developer King has seen the worst first-day drop on the New York stock exchange in 15 years after its stock went public Wednesday.

Vår butik ligger precis vid Fisketorget i Karlskrona. Kör längs med Borgmästarekajen och sväng av upp mot Wachtmeister köpcentrum på Arklimästaregatan, men sväng in höger på Skeppsgossegatan innan backens början. På vänster sida innan Styrmansgatan hittar du butiken.Dykservice (hjälp med bojar, pirar och annan undervattenshjälp) utförs året runt, och service av dykutrustning och torrdräkter kan vi utföra över natten i nödfall. Inspektion av dykflaskor utförs inom 14 dygn.

Christoph Samfass öppnade butiken den 5 maj 2006. I butiken på 80 kvm finns en verkstad för att underhålla utrustning samt Bauer Mariner kompressorer som fyller 190 l/min 225 bar och en Bauer Capitano 140l/min 300 bar och 120,000 L luftbank / EANx bank. Nitrox-påfyllning + Syregas utförs vid förfrågan. Rebreather O2 fyllning 3liter 200 bar 150.- kr

Utanför finns parkering, och det är endast 50 meter till havet mittemot det nya Scandic Hotel. Butiken är öppen året runt och har ett stort sortiment av dykutrustning på lager. Dykbåtarna är igång från maj till december, men även på vintern åker vi iväg på isdykningar regelbundet. Alla kurser kan utföras året runt då vi använder torrdräkter.
Vi erbjuder att kolla båtar, propellrar, bojar, privata pirar och mycket mer åt er. Om ni t.ex. behöver hjälp med att flytta er boj så ställer vi upp. Det är bara att kontakta oss när ni behöver undervattenshjälp!Servicen omfattar översyn och total renovering av regulatorer och flaskor, dessutom utför vi byte av latex-tätningar i torrdräkter. Vi hjälper er också med Nitrox-konvertering av flaskor och regulatorer. Torr- och våtdräktsreparation utförs vid förfrågan.

To check out the Cronometer that Diana mentioned in the pod, head to It’s where you can identify protein, amino acids and a whole lot of other nutritional information on the food you’re eating.Calling Nathan Wallis is one of New Zealand’s most prominent experts on raising children, as well as living well as an adult. The way he helps people to do that is just so good.Whatever your interests, there is something in this one for you. It’s a light-hearted, fun and informative deep dive that really does offer something for everyone.Robb’s also given us a promo code to redeem for a gift with any purchase from his electrolyte business LMNT. Head to for more!

Moving well is critical for longevity, particularly because the way we live our lives puts all sorts of stress on our bodies that they weren’t designed to deal with. Roger has found ways to deal with the biggest issues, and just a few minutes a day can lead to significant improvements. It almost sounds like an infomercial, but it’s true!
Dr Libby Lindsay is an author, speaker and health entrepreneur whose personal health background led her to discover the significance of genetics on so many wellness techniques. She is the founder of Ingeneous, a DNA wellness portal that’s focused on genetics, and has helped more than 4,000 clients in the last 10 years.

Dan has been a leader in the research and understanding of heart rate variability and discovering its significance in not only training, but overall wellness. He’s also a competitive ironman athlete (with the silverware to show for it), business owner and absolute devotee to fitness and health.
Dr Sara Lazar is an associate researcher in the Psychiatry Department at Massachusetts General Hospital and an assistant professor in psychology at Harvard Medical School. Her TED Talk, How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains, has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

“One piece of cake is not going to heal or harm you – it’s just cake.” This is why we love Michelle Yandle – the nutritionist who encourages people to eat what makes them feel good.
There’s so much that goes into gut health, and this episode goes into all the important aspects that you need to know. Dr Mary Pardee is a naturopathic doctor and founder of modrn, which focuses primarily on gut health, and incorporates a range of treatments and techniques tailored to specific individuals.Plant-based diets are on a massive rise, and Simon Hill is at the forefront of it. As the man behind the Plant Proof website, podcast and blog, Simon is dedicated to answering all the questions people have about plant-based diets. Sara has spent years studying the neuroscience behind yoga and meditation to understand what it does to the brain, and how it impacts things like mood, love, memory and more. She talks about how polishing off a block of chocolate doesn’t make you a bad person, and how the key to balanced, healthy eating is understanding why we feel like having a binge, and treating it as a learning experience. This is a really liberating approach to nutrition that is as much about mental health as it is about physical.Dr. Cliff Harvey and Bella Marinkovich are nutritionists that focus on holistic health – and this includes so much more than you’d think. They have amazing tips on the stuff you’d expect: experimenting with different diets, fasting and supplements, but they also have some incredible knowledge on edible weeds, dealing with adrenal fatigue, the growing problem of under-eating and even the little-known benefits of microdosing hallucinogens.

The way we move has huge implications for our health. Roger Frampton discovered the impact for himself when he fundamentally changed the way he moves, and now he’s helping thousands of people around the world to tap into the benefits.
Dan Ebbett has come a long way since the days of wearing snowboarding goggles to the movies. As the founder of BlockBlueLight glasses, he’s a pioneer into the effects of devices, technology and light on sleep and health.

Meditation and yoga are super popular all over the world but how exactly do they benefit us? What happens when we do them that creates the impact it does? This is a great in-depth look into the cognitive benefits of mindfulness that really shows how powerful it can be.
Dr Anna Brooks is a top immunologist and researcher, and she takes us on a deep dive into myths, truths, theories and the latest understanding when it comes to viruses, immunity, Covid and resilience. This includes:This is a great episode for anyone who meditates or does yoga and wants to understand how it has the effect it does. Or, if you want to maximise the benefit of what you’re going, this has some great tips and tricks.

Because he’s a legend, Dan’s offered a 15% discount code for Well & Good listeners for any product on the BlockBlueLight website. Just enter the code WELLANDGOOD and it’s yours.In his words, strength training has the biggest bang for buck in terms of long term health outcomes. We strip it right back to understand how it works, and address the biggest issues people have when they’re trying to get stronger.

In short, genetics impact just about everything. But you CAN alter your genetics and you CAN overcome genetic predispositions. In this episode of Well & Good, Art and Libby touch on:
Super excited to announce that my podcast Well & Good is baaaack! If you were a listener of previous seasons, you’d know that I used to host this with Matty. We’ve decided to go on our own podcasting paths and focus on separate projects. She’ll be launching her own podcast soon.. But anyway, I’ll be back, this time solo interviewing some of the world’s leading health and wellbeing authorities and I am pumped!!!Along with tackling these big topics, Michael drops little gold nuggets along the way. Like the Japanese community that’s living longer because they essentially fasted in post-war years, how to figure out if you’re getting the sleep your body needs, and how long you should wait between waking up and your morning coffee. There’s so much in here you can use.

A former emergency doctor with Westpac rescue helicopter, Ula is a fountain of knowledge on how to stay at your peak. One of her real areas of speciality is fasting, and she has some amazing tips on different kinds of fasting for different reasons and different people, as well as a great guide on how to ease into and out of fasts. Anyone looking to get into fasting need look no further.
When you’re listening to Michael Mosley, it doesn’t take long to understand why he’s one of the world’s most prominent doctors. He’s risen to fame as a BBC broadcaster, documentary maker and inventor of the 5:2 diet, and he has an incredible knack for communicating health research and knowledge in a simple, usable way.Damian Chaparro is the founder of Aro-Ha retreats near Queenstown, New Zealand. He helps thousands of people a year to get away from their busy lives, wind down, and incorporate better self-care in their routines. This is a great podcast for anyone looking for practical ways they can handle daily stresses that often end up becoming too much.

We’ve all heard the arguments against eating meat. Diana Rodgers is combating this massive issue one issue at a time – nutritionally, environmentally and ethically.
Well & Good is a meeting place where listeners can pick the brains of some of the world’s leading health and wellbeing authorities. Hosted by wellbeing advocate Art Green, we talk with a broad range of experts to learn wellness techniques in all different aspects of this fast-developing space. Exceptional guests break down scientific breakthroughs, lived experience and the latest research into relatable, actionable tips, arming listeners with the tools and knowledge to reach their health potential.He also touches on social media, screen time, Covid, human connection, and how the right approach to all these things can take a massive weight off anyone’s shoulders. This is one for the self love club!Damian is an experienced meditation practitioner, and talks about how significant even basic meditation can be for re-setting yourself and seeing your problems for what they are. (Spoiler alert: they’re often really insignificant).If you’ve ever thought about how much meat you eat, or if you should cut back on meat, this is a great guide to the entire issue as a whole – not just one or two aspects of it. There is something in this episode for everyone – from parents to children themselves, and even grandparents. Nathan has such incredible knowledge about the first three years of a baby’s life, to teenagers, to adulthood. He touches on things like how to talk to babies, how to (realistically) manage screen time – and the years when it can be worst for kids – how to encourage self worth in people of all ages, and so much more. She’s spent decades in food research and nutrition, including in her book and film, Sacred Cow. Diana is adamant that eating meat is not only healthy, but it’s imperative for humans and for the environment. This episode is a bit of a beast, but it’s an absolute goldmine for anyone interested in strength training, building muscle or bodybuilding. Eric Helms is an absolute guru, as you’d expect from a bodybuilding coach, athlete, educator, author, and someone with two masters degrees and a PhD in strength and conditioning. His resume is unparalleled, and his knowledge is next level. This is probably best suited for someone towards the elite level of training, as opposed to beginners, but there’s so much to digest in this ep.Art got up at 3am to record this pod with world-renowned wellness guru Robb Wolf, and we reckon it was well worth it! Robb’s a former biochemist, best selling author, film producer, and a health speaker for the likes of NASA, the US Marine Corps and the Naval Special Warfare.

This episode takes a look at some really key elements of health: breathing, sleep, diet and exercise. Michael gives his most effective breathing technique to transform your life and help with sleep, talks about the three most important types of exercise (including the one you’re probably not doing but definitely should be), and discusses what an ideal day looks like from a health perspective.

What he says makes total sense, it’s in plain language, and it’s all backed by research. What he has to say is actually just so important as well – this is an episode about how to get the most out of our brains and our lives. You cannot miss this one!Today’s episode is about how to get ahead of the health curve so you can live a better quality life, longer. Dr. Ula Heywood is clinical director at Edison Clinic, using the very latest health techniques to design cutting edge personal health programs that are customised to an individual’s physical makeup, mental health and lifestyle.

This is the all-around nutrition podcast we’ve been dying to bring to you. It’s packed with SUPER handy nutrition advice, as Mikki Williden gives her incredible, wide-ranging perspective on so many aspects of eating.
You know those podcasts with nutritionists that focus on one thing, and if you’re not interested in it then it’s just boring? This is not one of those!

Simon has a masters in nutrition, and uses his vast knowledge and research to back up his tips about how to make a plant-based diet work for your own individual lifestyle. He’s also amazing on the environmental effects of meat production – for example, did you know that meat provides just 18% of our daily calories, but animal agriculture uses 83% of farmland worldwide, and produces 80% of the greenhouse gas emissions from our food?
If you’re an aspiring (or even current) endurance athlete, this is for you. Dr Dan Plews is a much-loved coach to some of the world’s fittest athletes, from Olympians and world champions to the likes of Emirates Team New Zealand.The great thing about Cliff’s take on all this is he has the scientific knowledge to explain it, but it’s also understandable and usable for everyday people. He knows the studies and he’s seen the results of so many different things – now it’s accessible!

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