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Age can be a significant factor that affects your Ironman finish times. As we age, muscular strength and size, as well as cardiovascular endurance, maximum heart rate, and aerobic capacity decrease, reducing potential performance.Particularly when the bike route or run course is hilly or technical, you can expect to see slower average Ironman times, as both of these disciplines represent a large portion of the overall race.For example, according to MyTriWorld, the bike segment takes an average of 53 minutes longer when it is considered “hilly” compared to a flat course, and 22 minutes longer if it is “rolling” rather than flat.

When breaking down the triathlon into each discipline, the analysis reports that the average swim time is 1 hour and 19 minutes, representing approximately 10% of the race.
Triathlon bikes have a specific geometry designed to put your body in both an aerodynamic and efficient position to increase the mechanical advantage of your legs and help you run well off of the bike.

Because of the extreme length of an Ironman triathlon, even small differences in the difficulty of a race course can have a significant impact on the average finish time for the Ironman.With the extreme endurance necessary to complete an Ironman triathlon, it should come as no surprise that your fitness level will have a major impact on your Ironman finish time. In most cases, men have a physiological advantage for exercise performance over women because they tend to have a higher percentage of lean body mass and lower body fat relative to women. Because muscle tissue contributes to improved strength whereas fat tissue does not, this augments performance. Although beginners who are very fit and have done a lot of training may outperform experienced triathletes with poor fitness, most athletes improve over time as they become more experienced with the event.MyTriWorld reports that the average swim is also 1 hour and 19 minutes (10% of the race), the average bike time is 6 hours and 19 minutes (again, 50% of the race), and the average run is 4 hours and 54 minutes (38%) of the race with the remaining 17 minutes (2%) constituting the transitions.

With that said, athletes must finish the race under the Ironman cutoff times in order to not only have their results count but also to continue on to the next section of the race.
Having experience working through the transition zones and getting your body to switch gears quickly between activities (particularly running off the bike) can have a significant impact on how prepared you are for the race, how adept you are at each segment, and your overall finish time in the Ironman triathlon.Of course, there are plenty of exceptions to these trends, with some stellar masters and veteran triathletes, but the age-related decline in exercise performance can typically be seen in advancing age groups in the results of any Ironman event.

Although the Ironman cutoff times often focus on beginners tackling their first Ironman triathlon, it can also be helpful to know how long an Ironman triathlon takes the average participant.
The degree of success you had in following your Ironman training program, as well as your starting fitness level and the intensity of the training you took on, will largely impact how “race ready“ you are when you stand on the starting line.

“Ironman” is a trademarked name, so an Ironman triathlon is not only a specific distance triathlon but also a triathlon put on by a specific company called Ironman. There are about 53 Ironman triathlons per year held worldwide.

What is the elevation of the Ironman in Tallinn?
The bike course is flat with 1,696 ft of elevation gain. Run: The run is rolling with 779 ft of elevation gain and 778 ft of elevation descent. The race takes place at 33 ft above sea level.
Heavier bikes, such as hybrid bikes or road bikes with a heavy frame, will require more energy to propel forward and may not capitalize on an aerodynamic position or one that maximizes the efficiency of your pedal stroke.

Between each of the three portions of the triathlon, there is a “transition,” where the athlete swaps their gear or kit before embarking on the next segment of the race.
The main reason the average Ironman time at Kona is significantly faster than the average Ironman triathlon time overall is because Kona is the World Championships, where age-group leaders compete, so the average performance level is higher.

Additionally, men typically have a slightly larger “cardiovascular engine“ (heart and lungs), which improves aerobic capacity, as well as a hormonal milieu that supports muscle growth and higher-intensity exercise.An Ironman triathlon is not only a test of your physical endurance but also your mental stamina and ability to partition your energy and dial in a successful fueling strategy so that you can pace yourself well over the entire race. Experience helps in all of these realms. According to MyTriWorld, the average Ironman time is 12 hours and 49 minutes, with women finishing in 13 hours and 35 minutes on average and men completing the 140.6-mile event in approximately 12 hours and 38 minutes. According to TriGearLab, the average Ironman time for men is 12 hours and 38 minutes, and the average Ironman finish time for women is 13 hours and 35 minutes.There are numerous factors that can affect your Ironman finish times, both in terms of your overall finish time as well as the finish time for each segment of the event.

Finally, TriGearLab reports that the average finishing time at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii Kona is 11 hours and 31 minutes. This breaks down as an average segment finish times of 1 hour and 13 minutes for the 2.4-mile swim, 5 hours and 51 minutes for the 112-mile bike segment, and 4 hours and 14 minutes for the 26.2-mile run.
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2 Passive water sampling using DGT Passive water sampling is a sampling method that has advantages as monitoring tool because of its low expences, simplicity, long-term operatio and the fact that it does not require electricity. EMD (Exposmeter metals) is based on DGT technology (diffusive gradients in thin films). It represents one of the passive sampling methods used for: For measuring, trace metals, phosphate, sulphide and radionuclides. Measures average concentrations (hours to weeks) in freshwaters and seawater. Measures both fluxes and concentrations in soils and sediments. Measures effective hazardous concentrations (bioavailable fraction). Measures at high spatial resolution (microns to centimetres). EMD can be obtained in two configurations: 1. EMD for the sampling in water 2. EMD sediment probe for the sampling in sediments Simple, but precision plastic EMD devices accumulate dissolved substances in a controlled way. Conventional analysis in the laboratory provides the in situ concentration at the time of deployment. membrane filter diffusive gel resin layer outer sleeve with window Figure 1. EMD device piston EMD sediment probe fabricated as slim probe can be inserted into the sediment. The simple plastic DGT device is deployed for a known time and then the mass of metal on the resin layer is measured after elution with acid by, for example, AAS or ICP-MS. Providing the temperature is known, the interfacial concentration in solution can be calculated precisely. Telefon:Schenker Privpak AB Interface documentation for web service packageservices.asmx 2012-09-01 Version: 1.0.0 Doc. no.: I04304b Sida 2 av 7 Revision history Datum Version Sign. Kommentar 2012-09-01 1.0.0

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Can an average person do an Ironman?
Anyone can do an IRONMAN if they want to. If you are considering it, then there is no doubt that you can do it too… with a bit of self-belief and hard work, you can achieve anything. However, you need to give yourself the best chances of success.
The Arctic boundary layer Interactions with the surface, and clouds, as learned from observations (and some modeling) Michael Tjernström Department of Meteorology & the Bert Bolin Center for Climate Research, PFC and EMI filtering Alex Snijder Field Application Engineer Wurth Elektronik Nederland B.V. November 2017 EMC Standards Power Factor Correction Conducted emissions Radiated emissions 2 Overview of standard Viktig information för transmittrar med option /A1 Gold-Plated Diaphragm Guldplätering kan aldrig helt stoppa genomträngningen av vätgas, men den får processen att gå långsammare. En tjock guldpläteringStämpel/Etikett Security stamp/lable RITNINGSKODER FR YTBEHANDLING OCH MÅLNING DRAWING CODES FOR SURFACE TREATMENT AND PAINTING Granskad av Reviewed by Ninl Tjst Dept. GUM2 tb_tvåspråkig 2006-05-09 1 (9)

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What is Ironman Tallinn?
IRONMAN is part of the summer triathlon festival in the capital Tallinn. The main competitions take place on two consecutive days. Over the years, the IRONMAN competition has attracted almost a thousand participants from different countries around the world to compete in Estonia.
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P-06-325 Oskarshamn site investigation Sampling and analysis of shallow ground water at Simpevarp 2005 Ulf Ericsson, Alf Engdahl Medins Biologi AB December 2007 Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB Swedish NuclearInstallation manual for pool enclosure Installationsmanual för pooltak Assembling a module Ihopsättning av en modul Cut careful 3cm of the plastic protection folie from BOTH sides of the polycarbonate

Tunga metaller / Heavy metals ICH Q3d & Farmakope Rolf Arndt Cambrex Karlskoga Tunga metaller / Heavy metals Rolf Arndt -Quality Assurance Cambrex Karlskoga – Svenska Farmakopekommitten / Working Party
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Is it OK to walk an Ironman?
Completing 26.2 miles alone is challenging enough, but remember there are many ways to get it done. In my estimations at least 50% of triathletes will walk at some point during an Ironman—if not more—so it is always great to be versatile and prepare to walk at certain points during the race.
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Provtagning i vatten Jens Fölster Inst. För vatten och miljö, SLU Utbyggningen av reningsverket gav omedelbar effekt i Fyrisån! Tot-P i Fyrisån Flottsund 1600 1100 Tot-P µg/ l 600 100 1965 1970 1975 1980
1(5) The speed through the entire area is 30 km/h, unless otherwise indicated. Beware of crossing vehicles! Traffic signs, guardrails and exclusions shall be observed and followed. Smoking is prohibitedPORTSECURITY IN SÖLVESBORG Kontaktlista i skyddsfrågor / List of contacts in security matters Skyddschef/PFSO Joakim Nilsson Phone: +46 456 422 44. Mobile: +46 708 56 94 09 E-mail: [email protected]

Stiftelsen Allmänna Barnhuset KARLSTADS UNIVERSITET National Swedish parental studies using the same methodology have been performed in 1980, 2000, 2006 and 2011 (current study). In 1980 and 2000 the studies
(Member of IUPESM) Image quality Technical/physical aspects Nationella kvalitetsdokument för digital radiologi AG1 Michael Sandborg och Jalil Bahar Radiofysikavdelningen Linköping 2007-05-10 RequirementsHittsjön Vindkraftspark Samrådsunderlag Maj 2009 Lantmäteriverket,Gävle 2009. Medgivande MEDGIV-2009-20074. Karta: Terrängkartan Lantmäteriverket,Gävle 2009. Medgivande MEDGIV- 2009-20077. Karta:

What is the easiest Ironman race?
1. Course Difficulty. Ok, there is no such thing as an “easy” IRONMAN. No matter which race you choose, you will still have to swim the 3.8 km, cycle the 180 km and run the 42 km to reach the famous red carpet.
8 Sample ID Coordinaters Sample ID Coordinaters X Y Number of samples X Y Number of samples IN DA004A IN DA004B IN DR001A IN DR001B IN DR002A DA1A DR002B DA1C IN Table 2. Summer samples ID and coordinates Coordinates Number of samples X Y SM SM SM SM SM SM SM GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW Telefon:Health café Resources Meeting places Live library Storytellers Self help groups Heart s house Volunteers Health coaches Learning café Recovery Health café project Focus on support to people with chronicThis manual should be saved! EcoFlush Manual ENGLISH Important! This manual should be saved by the owner! Read the whole manual before installation. The flush volumes are factory set at 2.5 / 0.3 liters.

PORTSECURITY IN SÖLVESBORG Kontaktlista i skyddsfrågor / List of contacts in security matters Skyddschef/PFSO Tord Berg Phone: +46 456 422 44. Mobile: +46 705 82 32 11 Fax: +46 456 104 37. E-mail: [email protected]

SWETHRO The Swedish Throughfall Monitoring Network (SWETHRO) – 25 years of monitoring air pollutant concentrations, deposition and soil water chemistry Gunilla Pihl Karlsson, Per Erik Karlsson, Sofie Hellsten
RADIATION TEST REPORT PRODUCT: OP47AYQMLL Die Type: 147X FILE: OP47_LDR.xlsx DATE CODE: 95 GAMMA: 3.45k, 59.5k, 118.8k/TM119 Condition D GAMMA SOURCE: Co6 DOSE RATE: 8.6mRad(si)/s FACILITIES: UniversityMeasuring child participation in immunization registries: two national surveys, 2001 Diana Bartlett Immunization Registry Support Branch National Immunization Program Objectives Describe the progress of7 Analysis procedure Resin gel EMD was treated with 1M HNO 3 solution before analysis. Analysis of extract was performed with ICP – AES, ICP – SFMS, AFS Samples ID and coordinates Table 1. Spring samples ID and coordinates Sample ID Coordinaters Sample ID Coordinaters X Y Number of samples X Y Number of samples IN IN015A IN002B IN015B IN002C IN016A IN002A IN016B IN003A IN016C IN003B IN016D IN003C IN017E IN003D IN018A IN004A IN018B IN004B IN018C IN005A IN018C IN005B IN018D IN005C IN019A IN005D IN019B DA3A IN019C DA3B IN020A DA2A IN020B DA2B IN021A IN006A IN021C IN006B IN021E IN006C IN022B IN007A IN022A IN007B IN022C IN007C IN IN007D IN IN/DA007E IN DA IN IN008A IN IN008B IN DA5A IN029A IN IN029B Telefon:

Do you eat during Ironman?
As a general rule of thumb, endurance athletes should aim to eat 60-120 grams of carbohydrate per hour during IRONMAN events, with athletes typically able to consume more calories and fluids during the bike leg and fewer calories during the run portion of the event.
This manual should be saved! EcoFlush Manual Wostman 2018:2 ENGLISH Important! This manual should be saved by the owner! It s important to read the whole manual before installation. EcoFlush gives theIsolda Purchase – EDI Document v 1.0 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents… 2 1 Introduction… 3 1.1 What is EDI?… 4 1.2 Sending and receiving documents… 4 1.3 File format… 4 1.3.1 XML (language

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Collaborative Product Development: a Purchasing Strategy for Small Industrialized House-building Companies Opponent: Erik Sandberg, LiU Institutionen för ekonomisk och industriell utveckling Vad är egentligen13 Table 5. Metal concentrations EMD sediment probes AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP AD1SP ng/(cm 2 *h) Fe Al As Ba Cd Co Cr Cu Mn Ni Pb Zn DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP DA004SP ng/(cm 2 *h) Fe Al As Ba Cd Co Cr Cu Mn Ni Pb Zn Telefon:

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SIDE-POWER Windlass Systems 86-08950 Windlass Control Panel v1.0.1 EN Installation manual Behåll denna manual ombord! S Installations manual SLEIPNER AB Kilegatan 1 452 33 Strömstad Sverige Tel: +46 525Formaldehyde M. TT 0.1-5 mg/l HCHO SO 4 / Chromotropic acid 177 Instrument specific information The test can be performed on the following devices. In addition, the required cuvette and the absorption

GERDA Cryostat Rn emanation K.T. Knöpfle, B. Schwingenheuer, H. Simgen, G. Zuzel MPI für Kernphysik, Heidelberg General remarks Tolerable rate: ~8 (14) mbq 10-4 cts/(kg kev y) assuming homogenous Rn distribution
Chapter 2: Random Variables Experiment: Procedure + Observations Observation is an outcome Assign a number to each outcome: Random variable 1 Three ways to get an rv: Random Variables The rv is the observation14 DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP DA3SP ng/(cm 2 *h) Fe Al As Ba Cd Co Cr Cu Mn Ni Pb Zn DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP DA5SP ng/(cm 2 *h) Fe Al As Ba Cd Co Cr Cu Mn Ni Pb Zn Telefon:

Which Ironman is the hardest?
The toughest Ironman-distance triathlons everPatagonman, Chile. … Challenge Wanaka, New Zealand. … Stone Brixia Man, Italy. … Embrunman, France. … Ironman Wales, Pembrokeshire. … Ironman Lanzarote, Canary Islands. … Blacklake, Montenegro. … Norseman Xtreme, Norway.
Tema A Dagvattenkvalitet från regn till recipient Godecke Blecken Tekn dr, Forskarassistent Stadens vattensystem/va-teknik LTU Från regn till recipient Från regn till recipient Från regn till recipientTN LR TT 0.5-14 mg/l N b) 2,6-Dimethylphenole 283 Instrument specific information The test can be performed on the following devices. In addition, the required cuvette and the absorption range of the photometer

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D-Miljö AB bidrar till en renare miljö genom projekt där vi hjälper våra kunder att undersöka och sanera förorenad mark och förorenat grundvatten. Vi bistår dig som kund från projektets start till dess
Övning 5 TS5 Datorkommuniktion – 4 Routing och Networking October 7, 4 Uppgift. Rita hur ett paket som skickas ut i nätet nedan från nod, med flooding, sprider sig genom nätet om hop count = 3. Solution.

A bloom of bacteria from the Sphaerotilus-Leptothrix group in February 2017 North of the river Maglekärrsbäcken in Lake Finjasjön 2017-02-08 Photo: Johan Forssblad The nets were clogged by yellow-brown
TN HR TT b) i) 5-140 mg/l N 2,6-Dimethylphenole 284 Instrument specific information The test can be performed on the following devices. In addition, the required cuvette and the absorption range of theAlias 1.0 Rollbaserad inloggning Alias 1.0 Rollbaserad inloggning Magnus Bergqvist Tekniskt Säljstöd [email protected] 072-502 09 56 Alias 1.0 Rollbaserad inloggning Funktionen Förutsättningar Funktionen

A study of the performance and utilization of the Swedish railway network Anders Lindfeldt Royal Institute of Technology 2011-02-03 Introduction The load on the railway network increases steadily, andPresentatör Martin Francke Flygteknisk inspektör Sjö- och luftfartsavdelningen Enheten för operatörer, fartyg och luftfartyg Sektionen för underhålls- och tillverkningsorganisationer 1 147.A.145 Privileges

What is the hardest part of Ironman?
The run gives you plenty of time and opportunity to walk or slow down or give up. Staying mentally focused in the back half of the run is the hardest thing for most people – things get really tough at mile 17 or 18. It’s really hard to get running again after a few steps in the aid station.
3 Figure 2. EMD sediment probe Sampling using EMD in lake HÖRNTRÄSKET Sampling locations Sampling locations were according project goal: 1. Sampling in the inflow into the lake places chosen according orhotographic map presented in figures 3 and 4. (IN) 2. Sampling in the deep areas in the lake. EMDs were deployed at different levels. (DA) 3. Sampling in the drill areas. EMDs were deployed at the different levels Figure 3. Orhotographic map of west side of the lake. Inflows are marked with red colour, sampling places marked in green. Telefon:Isometries of the plane Mikael Forsberg August 23, 2011 Abstract Här följer del av ett dokument om Tesselering som jag skrivit för en annan kurs. Denna del handlar om isometrier och innehåller bevis för

Styrelsens i Flexenclosure AB (publ) redogörelse enligt 13 kap. 6 och 14 kap. 8 aktiebolagslagen över förslaget till beslut om ökning av aktiekapitalet genom emission av aktier och emission av teckningsoptioner
5 Figure 6. Example of EMDs deployment EMD sediment probes were deployed in April in sediment core taken deep areas. EMD sediment probes have sampled continuously metals the sediments for 36 hours. Second set of EMDs were deployed in lake 16 of July. EMDs were retrieved after four weeks. Figure 7. EMD sampling in summer time Telefon: 9 Results Spring sampling Table 3. Metal concentrations in inflow EMD samples SAMPLE Fe 0,5 Al 0,5 As 0,5 Ba 0,5 Cd 0,5 Co 0,5 Cr 0,5 Cu 0,5 Mn 0,5 Ni 0,5 Pb 0,5 INOO IN002A IN002B IN002C IN003A 4 14 ND IN003B 4 12 ND IN003C 4 13 ND IN003D 3 12 ND IN004A IN004B 3 11 ND IN005A IN005B IN005C IN005D 6 22 ND IN006A IN006B IN006C IN007A IN007B IN007C IN007D IN008A IN008B IN IN IN IN IN IN ND IN IN015A 3 14 ND IN015B 2 10 ND IN016A IN016B IN016C IN016D IN017E IN018A 2 13 ND IN018B IN018C µg/l Zn 0,5 Telefon: 10 SAMPLE Fe 0,5 Al 0,5 As 0,5 Ba 0,5 Cd 0,5 Co 0,5 Cr 0,5 Cu 0,5 Mn 0,5 Ni 0,5 Pb 0,5 IN018D IN019A IN019B IN019C IN020A IN020B IN021A 2 11 ND IN021C IN021E IN022A IN022B IN022C 2 13 ND IN IN ND IN ND IN IN IN IN029A IN029B 2 7 ND Table 4. Metal concentrations in deep areas and drill areas EMD samples µg/l Zn 0,5 SAMPLE Fe 0,5 m Fe 1,5 m Fe 0,5 m Fe 0,2 m Al 0,5 Al 1,5 Al 0,5 Al 0,2 As 0,5 As 1,5 As 0,5 As 0,2 IN/DA007E DA1A ND DA1C DA2A DA2B DA3A DA3B DA004A ND ND 0.1 DA004B ND 0.2 DA ND DA5A ND DR001A DR002A ND ND 0.01 DR001B DR002B ND ND µg/l Telefon:Uttagning för D21E och H21E Anmälan till seniorelitklasserna vid O-Ringen i Kolmården 2019 är öppen fram till och med fredag 19 juli klockan 12.00. 80 deltagare per klass tas ut. En rangordningslista med RM3 – RM 5 Ringmaster We offer ball pickers in 5 different sizes with a picking width of up to 6 m. RM3 – RM5 has a self-supporting chassis so that the collected balls do not place a load on the picking EASA Standardiseringsrapport 2014 Inför EASA Standardiseringsinspektion hösten 2016 Presentatör Johan Brunnberg, Flygteknisk Inspektör & Del-M Koordinator Sjö- och luftfartsavdelningen Enheten för operatörer,PRESS FÄLLKONSTRUKTION FOLDING INSTRUCTIONS Vänd bordet upp och ner eller ställ det på långsidan. Tryck ner vid PRESS och fäll benen samtidigt. OBS! INGA STORA KRAFTER KRÄVS!! Om benen sitter i spänn tryck

How difficult is an Ironman?
The short answer is, it’s as hard as your training allows it to be. If you execute a solid Ironman training plan, even one designed for beginners like this one, you’ll be in good shape come race day. You can get away with significantly less if the goal is to finish in 16:59, but you run the risk if injury.
\u201cFrom Hawaii to Lanzarote and Bolton, out of all the Iron races I\u2019ve done Embrunman is the toughest,\u201d says Bella Bayliss, three times winner.A pitch-black swim. A ride through Europe\u2019s deepest canyon. A marathon run with more climbing than most bike legs can muster. Montenegro\u2019s Blacklake made its debut in 2019 and attracted 26 searchers of excessive sinew strain to the Balkans. German Sebastian Zimmerman, who finished third after 16:30hrs of toil, transports us to the start of the swim.

\u201cIf the wind is up, the swim can be choppy. The bike course has no let-up; it\u2019s constant rolling terrain and the road surface is a killer, with the chipseal just adding more excitement. You\u2019ll always get some wind, and there\u2019s no real place on the course to escape it, so you just have to manage however much wind turns up! The run is again one of the prettiest run courses ever. For 75% of the race you\u2019re on trails and tracks, which take you along the banks of the Clutha River, before you\u2019re faced with Gunn Road, a 1.5km steep hill that you\u2019re lucky enough to face twice. Wanaka is, however, my favourite race, and you\u2019ll keep wanting to come back once you\u2019ve done it.\u201d
\u201cDiving into the water at 5:50am in the pitch dark is certainly different! 188km on the bike with some really decent climbs makes for a long day out. The marathon isn\u2019t so hard, just tough after an extra hard bike. Sometimes I\u2019ve raced Embrunman when it was snowing on top of the mountains, sometimes in heat waves in the valleys, so this also plays its part in the day. Put simply, I love it. It\u2019s a true test of fitness.\u201d Launched in 2012 by ultra athlete Claire Smith, the Brutal is known for its low-key feel and friendliness. And yet there’s nothing welcoming about the course, which submerges athletes in the chilly Lake Padarn for 3.8km before subjecting them to over 3,000m of climbing on the 180km Snowdonian bike leg. The 1,394m of climbing on the run keeps the pain a coming, and all of this without a support crew, with athletes isolated throughout. \u201cEveryone knows I love a tough Ironman. As someone who\u2019s won both Lanzarote and Wales, I think it\u2019s fair to say the tough courses suit me.

How many hours is Ironman?
12 hours and 35 minutes Average Ironman Times By Age, Sex, and Segment. According to RunTri’s analysis of more than 41,000 finishers in 25 Ironman triathlons, the average Ironman time is 12 hours and 35 minutes. This breaks down to the average segments times as follows: 2.4-mile Swim: 1:16; 112-mile Bike: 6:25; and 26.2-mile Run: 4:54.
\u201cBring a big pack of mental fitness for this race,\u201d said Michael Strasser, 2015 winner. \u201cThe Austria Extreme is very hard, with four mountains on the bike \u2013 and sometimes headwinds in between the climbs. So don\u2019t bring your disc wheel. You should bring a low-gear-cassette; the final climb on the last mountain is the steepest and all athletes will are tired by then. Make sure you choose to pack a bike jacket; it\u2019ll especially be needed on the downhill sections.\u201d“Nothing prepares you to spend 10hrs on the saddle and to tackle those 5,000m of climbing on this continuous up and down loop. On the marathon, I was on my knees at the start of the first gradient (yes, the run is hilly too). My race was over… I came back in 2013 for this unfinished business and, after 15:19hrs of battle, I finally grabbed the finisher fleece of which I’m so proud!” “After a swim with more aggro than a 1980’s football punch-up, you take on the infamous bike course and its unholy trinity of heat, hills and wind that make you feel like you’ve headbutted a comet. Finally, there’s the boiling hot marathon conducted in full view of the many bars of Puerto Del Carmen with their tantalisingly out-of-reach glasses of cold beer. Somehow it’s all worth it when you shake [race organiser] Kenneth Gasque’s hand at the finish line, though.” It\u2019s a sibling to the Norseman in the Xtreme Tri family, but this North West Highlands event may be even harder than its big bro. Time then to assess the Celtman\u2019s tough cookie credentials\u2026And the winner is… TriathlonX in the Lake District. A bike route on the legendary Fred Whitton cyclosportive route and a run up Scafell Pike and down again makes the new-entry TriathlonX the world’s toughest 226km triathlon.

“Wanaka is beautiful, but it’s beautifully brutal too, so don’t let the scenic mountains and gorgeous lakes lull you into a false sense of security,” says Laura Siddall who came 2 in 2015.
Extremely cruel or harsh. Very bad or unpleasant. Harsh, burdensome, cruel, excruciating, grim, hard, rugged. The Merriam-Webster dictionary pulls no punches in its definition of \u2018Brutal\u2019 and its synonyms. And neither do the Brutal race organisers\u2026

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