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Jag har använt/I’ve used; Too faced – shadow Insurance Sleek makeup – Acid Eyeshadow palette ”purple eyeshadows” MAC – Eyeshadow ”Nocturnelle”, ”Sketch” Maybelline – Master …Revlon Colorburst Matte Lipbalm är ett högpigmenterat läppstift i pennform. Denna penna behöver inte vässas, du skruvar bara längst ned på pennan för att få …

Jag har använt/I’ve used; Too faced – shadow Insurance Urban Decay – Naked palette ”Half baked” MAC – Eyeshaow ”Nocturnelle” FACE Stockholm – Matte Eyeshaow …
I förrgår shoppade jag lite budgetsmink som jag provade för första gången idag. Det blev några nagellack och en ögonskuggspalett. Ögonskuggspaletten kände jag för att …

Jag har använt; Eyes: Too faced – shadow Insurance Nyx – Eyepencil ”purple” MAC – Eyeshadow ”Nylon” MAC – Eyeshadow ”Nocturnelle” MAC – Extra Dimension …
From dark chocolate to bright gold hues, there are many diverse shades of brown eyes. Learn how to create different daytime and evening looks with this tutorial for selecting eyeshadow for brown eyes.

There are a few makeup tips for getting the most out of your eyeshadow palette for brown eyes. Avoid using black eyeshadow or the darker grays on dark brown eyes which can make dark brown eyes ‘disappear’. Stick to lighter shades of brown eyeshadow unless you have light brown eyes or hazel brown eyes.
If you have brown eyes but aren’t sure which colors help make them stand out, then we have good news: Unleash your creativity, because you can wear almost any eyeshadow color you like! You can experiment with dark shades for an ultra-glamorous, intense look, or play around with bright pink eyeshadow looks, blues, greens or oranges for eyes that pop.

So you love makeup but want to keep things subtle and natural? Read on to learn three easy steps to achieving your very own gorgeous natural makeup looks.
Start by applying a base color to the eye crease with a soft eyeshadow brush. Use a smaller blending brush to add peachy brown eyeshadow into the crease. Apply a darker brown eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye. Then add glitter eyeshadow in bronze or copper to the center of your lid with your finger or an eyeshadow brush. Apply highlighter to the brow bone. Next, smooth a light green eyeshadow under your lower lash line and blend with a clean brush. Line your waterline with black eyeliner and dot some glitter eyeshadow in the middle of the lower lash line. Now you’re ready to draw in your black liquid eyeliner and complete the look with mascara. The quest to find the perfect mascara can be a time-consuming one. Here’s how to find the best mascara based on your skin type, wand shape, and makeup looks. Use a cool eyeshadow palette to create drama – so blue, green, or yellow eyeshadow. And a warm eyeshadow palette to bring out the depth and warmth of brown eyes. Keep the metallic and glitter eyeshadows for evening or special occasions and opt for a softer matte finish or just a bit of glimmer for daywear.

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The easiest way to decide if an eyeshadow palette will suit you is to consider your skin tone. If your skin has yellow or golden undertones, and you tan easily and look fabulous in gold jewelry – you have a warm skin tone. A warm skin tone is complemented by deep red eyeshadow, gold eyeshadow, deeper burgundy shades, and the warm hues of bronze, copper or terracotta orange eyeshadow. You have a neutral or medium skin tone if you look good in both silver and gold jewelry, and your skin color doesn’t seem to clash with any color. This means you have a wider choice of eyeshadow colors, but if your skin tone is the cooler side of neutral, avoid silver or nude eyeshadows that can give you an overall washed-out look.Sumptuous eye makeup for brown eyes is all about an eyeshadow that shows them off to full effect. The neutral tones of brown – whether light, dark, hazel or amber – give you many eye makeup looks to play with. So let’s look at the best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes and eyeshadow ideas to bring out the depth of brown.Each Clarins 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette comes with four intensely pigmented eyeshadows, and has everything needed to prime, shade, line, and define—delivering intense color payoffs with finishes of velvet, satin, foil, and metallic. A 2-in-1 formula enriched with the priming properties of natural Bamboo Powder to keep your look fresh, crease-proof and stay-put. Mix and blend for your desired effect. The best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes are – 01 fairy tale nude gradation, 02 rosewood gradation, 03 flame gradation, 05 jade gradation, and 06 midnight gradation.Read on for a closer look at the best eyeshadow palette for green eyes – and other makeup tips, eye makeup looks and techniques to make those green eyes pop!We love Clarins Supra Volume Mascara. This double-volume effect mascara is formulated to create an intense, full, fanned-out lash look in one quick coat. The gentle formula is enriched with Cassie Flower and Panthenol to visibly thicken lashes for a full, yet flexible effect. Rich color pigments and a soft-bristle brush create clump-free, long-wearing double volume lashes. To recreate the timeless smoky eye for brown eyes, begin with an eyeshadow base first. Cover the eye area from lash line to brow with a color that closely matches the natural color of your lids. Now apply a warm brown eyeshadow to the crease of the eye and blend well. This means the color will lighten as it gets nearer to the brow. Use an orange-brown eyeshadow or deep burgundy eyeshadow in the crease. Next, cover the lid with black or charcoal eyeshadow. Add a touch of the lightest color in your palette to your brow arch and blend well. For a pop of color – line the inner corners of the eyes with gold eyeshadow. Line your upper and lower lash line with black eyeliner and finish off your dramatic makeup look with a coat or two of black mascara. All that’s needed now to finish off gorgeous eyes is a touch of lip gloss or a burst of bright lipstick. If you’d like more easy makeup looks, or you want to learn more about how to apply liquid eyeliner, perhaps you’re not sure about how to apply mascara – you can find some great makeup tutorials online to get those creative juices flowing!

Another look we just love that’s perfect for spring, the fall, or any day in between is the copper with a touch of green eye makeup look. Here’s how to apply one of the best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes – and it works for dark, light and hazel brown eyes too.
An easy makeup look with bold, dark blue eyeshadow that’s sure to flatter brown eyes of every hue, involves shading the crease with a touch of soft gray and highlighting the brow arch. Now blend blue eyeshadow across the lid and under the lower lashes – building color until you have the desired intensity. To contrast the warmth of brown eyes, add a turquoise glitter highlight to the inner corners of the eyes for a special pop of color! To notch up the intensity of this eyeshadow idea, use an eyeliner in gorgeous blue. We recommend Clarins Waterproof Pencil in 07 blue lily. This waterproof, extreme-wear gel eye pencil lines and defines in high-intensity hues that stay vivid and transfer-proof for hours. Infused with skin-loving pure plant extracts – the rich pigments and soft texture glides on effortlessly, delivering a fluid line and an immediate, intense color payoff. The eyeliner’s sleek design assures precision control and includes a fine retractable ti
p for structured lining, a built-in sharpener, and a smudger for creating your favorite eye makeup looks.

Read on for a closer look at the best eyeshadow palette for blue eyes – and other makeup tips and eye makeup looks and techniques to make those baby blues pop!

Is Mac patina discontinued?
This was one of my HGs and now I find out it has been discontinued.
Clarins Customer Service will be closed starting Friday, June 30 at 1pm EST through Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Daay. We will reopen on Wednesday, July 5. This was one of my HGs and now I find out it has been discontinued. Such a shame because I haven’t been able to find a close enough dupe. I cannot repurchase. M.A.C is one of the most trusted beauty brands available in the market. Their eyeshadows are long-lasting and blend easily on your skin without causing irritations. Many makeup enthusiasts trust M.A.C because the brand is best for touch-ups and heavy makeup as well. Their eyeshadow palettes can be used to create a lot of great looks. The best part is, many M.A.C eyeshadows are also the best for people who wear contact lenses. You should choose M.A.C eyeshadows that don’t form creases or cracks after use.This shimmery champagne shade of peach imparts a dewy, luminous look. The warm-toned, neutral peach has a frosty finish that lasts for 8 hours with minimal fallout. This eyeshadow blends well and gives a subtle sheen that makes your eye color pop. The highly pigmented powder formula can be used either wet or dry for a refined and sophisticated look. This eyeshadow is a popular staple among makeup artists for its versatility.Both MAC and Urban Decay offer unique features in their eyeshadow palettes. While MAC offers great color payoff and blends well, Urban Decay’s eyeshadows have better texture.

This sheer metallic eyeshadow lasts up to six hours and gives you a soft, peachy nude look with a hint of shimmer. It works well on the inner corners of the eyes. This liquid-powder eyeshadow with prismatic reflections has high color payoff and blends smoothly. It complements warm undertones and offers a versatile effect – from sheer crystallized light to polished metallic.
Baishali Bhattacharya is a certified makeup techniques guide and has compiled this list of the best MAC eye shadows to enhance your makeup game. These eye shadows are highly pigmented and blend smoothly for a professional look. These products have been handpicked after carefully analyzing their user reviews and suitability for different skin tones. A buying guide has also been prepared to help you choose the best product.

From creamy beige and mocha brown to matte pink and intense black, this eyeshadow palette from M.A.C has it all. This travel-sized palette is definitely a keeper. The eyeshadow is soft, blendable, super-pigmented, and easy to apply. It can be used both dry or wet and lasts up to 12 hours. The light corduroy beige shade in this eyeshadow palette is quite popular. Check out this review for a detailed understanding about the product.
Baishali is a beauty and lifestyle writer and holds a master’s degree in English from Assam University. She specializes in makeup and fashion and is also a certified Style and Image Consultant. Prior … more

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The M.A.C Dusty Rose Times Nine in nine different shades can be used to create endless looks. This pocket-sized palette is super handy and refillable. The colors are in different finishes – satin, frost, and matte. These pigments are well saturated and can be used both wet or dry.

What eyeshadow accentuates brown eyes?
Gold shades: Gold eyeshadow with brown eyes is a winning combination. Most brown eyes have flecks of golden or yellow pigments, especially when they hit the sunlight. Brown eyes also tend to have a natural sparkle, so gold eyeshadows, such as copper, bronze, rose gold, and shimmery yellow, enhance their golden tones.
Grace has been a professional makeup artist for 5 years. Her tryst with makeup started as a hobby and developed into something more. She experimented with all sorts of makeup looks on herself and posted pictures on social media. She then we… more The M.A.C Eye Shadow in Charcoal Brown is well pigmented and has a smooth texture. This muted brown shade blends effortlessly without creasing. The matte finish is suitable for yellow undertones. This eyeshadow is a great base for a sultry brown smokey eye, which is mildly dramatic but as effective as the intense dark smokey eye. You can use this product to line the upper eyelid for a defined look. This chalky pink shade is suitable for light skin tones. The matte finish lasts for up to 7 hours without fading or creasing. The neutral base can be used for creating cute and playful looks. This eyeshadow works well with most colors and blends easily. It highlights the eyes, making them look big and bright.The M.A.C Eyeshadow – Brun is a gorgeous shade of medium to dark brown with a matte finish. It goes well with both neutral and cool undertones and lasts up to 8 hours without fading. This versatile color can be used to create all kinds of looks – be it a simple nude look or a dramatic smokey eye. Its smooth texture blends well without streaking or creasing. This eyeshadow can be used both wet or dry and is safe for people who wear contact lenses.

If you want to try the plum smokey eye, this eyeshadow is your best bet. The medium-dark brownish burgundy shade has a royal feel. The eyeshadow has a satin finish, is super blendable, and offers rich coverage that lasts for 8 hours. This product can be used on the crease but works best as the outer corner color for that classic look.
The M.A.C Eye Shadow in Espresso is a dark brownish shade with a matte finish. It works well for smokey eyes as it is well pigmented and blends seamlessly. This eyeshadow is super versatile and can be used as an eyeliner for everyday looks. Its smooth texture is a suitable base for a nude makeup look. This warm-toned eyeshadow doubles as a brow filler as it blends well without being glaring. It lasts up to 8 hours without creasing or fading.

This powder-based eyeshadow from M.A.C in a lovely grayish purple shade is a must-have in your collection. Satin eyeshadows in semi-matte or frosty finishes are stylish and versatile. This eyeshadow is long-wearing and has a soft texture. Its crease-free color is universally flattering for most skin tones. The mauve undertone is a show-stopper without being too dramatic or glaring.

Does MAC eyeshadow stay on all day?
This saturated shadow formula stays on all day long with non-creasing, eight-hour wear. The result: potent colour payoff …
The M.A.C Eye Shadow X 9: Amber Times Nine is a compact palette with nine different shades in neutral colors. From matted dull gray and frosty peach to velvety bronze, this palette covers basic colors with luxurious finishes, such as frosty, matte, and satin. It is suitable for daily wear or office makeup. This palette fits in the bag easily for touch-ups throughout the day. The pigments are intense, blendable, and vibrant for a night out or a party. If you are an absolute beginner, this video review might be useful.The best M.A.C eyeshadows are highly pigmented, easily blendable, and extremely long-lasting. M.A.C has been a leading cosmetic brand that caters to various skin tones and types. Their eyeshadows are well-liked by consumers all over the globe. They cater to the needs of a large group of people, irrespective of skin color, age, or gender. These versatile eyeshadow palettes are used by professionals and amateurs alike. What’s more? The brand is cruelty-free too. So, go ahead and check out the best M.A.C eyeshadows available right now. The M.A.C Eye Shadow in Vanilla is a staple favorite among makeup enthusiasts. This beautiful light beige with a hint of pink has a soft, delicate texture. It is buildable and has good pigmentation that compliments warm tones. The satin finish is flirty and feminine – perfect for a romantic date night. This eyeshadow gives a luminous effect without being too shimmery. Vi använder kakor för personligt innehåll och annonser samt för analys av vår trafik. Vi delar information om din användning av tjänsten med våra partners inom sociala medier, annonsering och trafikanalys. Våra partners kan kombinera denna data med information som du delat med dem.

Does Mac have good eyeshadow?
Does MAC have good eyeshadows? Yes, MAC offers good eyeshadows that are richly pigmented and creaseless. They are long-lasting and blend well with your skin.
Blue eyes look brighter with orange and yellow shadows.Try a purple-y hue or bronzey metallics to bring out depth in brown eyes. Brown eyes are a mix of all primary colors so there are lots of options.To add definition and make this grey eye color pop, draw on chocolate brown liquid eyeliner along the waterline instead of black eye pencil. ’The contrast of the red and violet tones with the green (and yellow) in the iris will make the green stand out,’ says Suchma.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to properly apply eyeshadow: You’ve got the power to unleash your inner makeup artist right at the tips of your makeup brush. Out of all the colors listed for blue/green eyes in this list, your best bet is to stick with red based eyeshadows or orange based eyeshadows to really make your eyes stand out. The beauty of eyeshadow palettes is the ability to create various looks from one compact of colors in a range or matte, satin and metallic finishes.
This old school trick is about seeing which hue sits opposite your eye color to make the iris pop. Reach for eye makeup colors like red-brown, pink, wine, maroon, plum or purple. You can also use a color wheel to help find the right shade for your eye color. Plus, neutral shades are foolproof and look great on anyone. Not sure where to start? ”Browns and beiges are easier to learn with instead of jumping head first into bold colors that might take practice blending together seamlessly,” Sheriff says.We asked the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab pros, editors, and celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff (who’s done carpet-ready makeup for Rihanna and Alicia Keys) for their personal tips and recommended eyeshadow palettes, from high-end brands to top-rated drugstore finds with shades that you’ll actually use.

What color eyeshadow looks best younger?
Neutral and pink colored eye shadows also make you look younger. Neutrals will also complement your everyday look without making you feel that you have over done your makeup, whether you are in the office or college.
Dagens utmaning i vår 30-days makeupchallenge var kontrastfärger. Och såklart drog jag min sminkning till sitt maximum och kontrasterade mina ögon med en orange makeup.Här finner ni en livsstilsblogg med fokus på familjen, lycka och hälsa. En kombination som enligt mig gifter sig väldigt bra. Mitt uttryck och koncept håller på att växa fram, så välkommen att följa med på min resa.

Men vad är en kontrastfärg? Det är en färg som ställer sig i kontrast till den färgen du vill framhäva, eller dölja. Alltså två färger som är mitt emot varandra på färghjulet (bild på ett färghjul slänger jag in nedan). Det kan dra fram och få en färg att poppa, och jag har väldigt blå ögon och därför valde jag en orange sminkning. Här hade man kunnat använda fina teracotta eller bronziga färger om man vill också, för att göra en lite mindre utstickande variant. Mer om olika ögonfärger och hur de kan framhävas och man kan arbeta med kontrastfärger kan jag ta i ett annat inlägg.
Men jag kunde ju inte låta bli att applicera mer glitter, och ett par lösögonfransar var verkligen på sin plats. Så nu ligger det glitter över hela ögonlocket och upp mot globlinjen, och jag använde Ardells 105. Jag lekte lite med inställningarna på kameran för att verkligen försöka förmedla det fantastiska färgspektrum Taurus innehåller. Det är turkos vid första anblicken, men innehåller även rött, lila, guld och grönt. Underbart. Har ni möjlighet, spana in det nu hos Make Up Store! ;D

Detta blev ju lite av ett monsterinlägg, hoppas ni har tagit er ända hit. Vad använder ni för parfymer? Eller räcker det kanske med bodylotion? Berätta, för jag är supernyfiken!Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci EdP är den lilla, lila, söta flaskan med en rosett på toppen. Denna köpte jag för en vecka sedan från Eleven, 30 ml för 440 kronor, och det är en helt fantastisk doft. Jag känner mig mogen, självsäker och sexig, som redo för att slå klackarna i taket. Doften är söt och träig, men jag måste ta hjälp av Elevens beskrivning; Ricci Ricci öppnar med rabarber och bergamott, övergår i blommorna Beauty of the Night (men jajaja, vilket fantastiskt namn!) och Rosa Centifolia. Basen består av patchouli och sandelträ och beskrivs som kontrastfull, vilket jag absolut håller med om! Och det bästa av allt, doften håller! En perfekt festparfym, men även lämplig på dagen om den används sparsamt.

Your search for dramatic eyeshadows ends with this beautiful matte palette from L.A. Colors. Each palette comes with five blendable shades from the same color family, that can be mixed and matched to create an exciting look. These shades are highly pigmented, offer a rich color payoff, come with a silky texture, and look soft and pretty. The palette Purple Cashmere has five shades from the purple family in cool to warm undertones. You can use these shades to create any look, from neutral to bold.The BYS 12 Shade Matte Eyeshadow Palette comes packed with12 bold shades to let you create any look you want. Its blendable formula defines and illuminates the eyes while offering a lasting staying power. The palette comes with a wide mirror and a double-ended applicator to get the perfect look without much effort.

What is the difference between Mac eyeshadow kid and malt?
Malt. Kid is a light tan shade, while Malt is also a light tan shade but tends to lean more pink. Kid is the more neutral of the two.
You can try neutral shades or medium-tone shades on your eyelids. To make your eyes look bigger, apply the eyeshadow slightly above the crease if you have hooded eyes. Aging skin requires products that don’t settle down or look crusty. The eyeshadows in our list have a velvety texture and a rich matte finish. They are infused with anti-aging ingredients peptides and hydrolyzed collagen that nourishes your eyelids and hydrate them. These are blendable, lightweight, and long-lasting. They give a good color payoff. If you are looking for a waterproof formula, do read the reviews well to get the exact kind of product you want. The Revlon ColorStay Creme Eye Shadow is one of the best-selling powder eye shadows of the brand. It has a smooth and blendable formula that provides a rich and creamy finish on application. This shimmery champagne shade, Crème Brulee,is highly pigmented and stays intact for up to 24 long hours without fading or smudging. Its waterproof formula is suitable for mature eyes, and it comes with a pro-inspired built-in brush for easy application.

Yes. Opt for hydrating matte eyeshadows like the iT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Palette, as they are long-wearing and are less likely to fade on mature skin. These eyeshadows will not settle in the fine lines, and some formulas can even prevent the appearance of fine lines.Cha Cha is a certified professional makeup artist, airbrush makeup artist, and beauty educator with over 20 years in the beauty industry. She is also the owner of Cha Cha Beauty Bar and has done extensive work in the bridal and special even… more

The Laura Geller New York Blend Away Eyeshadow Palette features a lovely selection of rich colors in matte and sparkling textures for creating smoky eyes, natural looks, and so much more. Pick matte eyeshadow or shimmering glitter makeup to make your eyes pop! These silky smooth eyeshadows have a deep color intensity and blend wonderfully on your lids. The combination of berry and floral-inspired colors allows you to create nude and rosy pink eyeshadow looks. These pressed eyeshadows compliment all eye colors and skin tones.
The Mommy Makeup Smudge-proof Eye Shadow has a 3-in-1 formula that works as an eyeshadow, cheek color, and lip color. This multitasking creme-to-powder eyeshadow has a waterproof and smudge-proof formula to offer extended stay without any need for touch-ups. It is formulated with vitamins E and A and glides smoothly to provide a seamless finish. The shade, Anna, is a matte rosy beige in warm tones and is one of the best-selling eyeshadows from the brand.

The perfect matte eyeshadow look can be tricky for a beginner as it is not as smooth gliding as other formulas. But as they say, practice makes you perfect, and some quick pointers can always come in handy. Check out the infographic below for easy tips to nail the matte eyeshadow makeup.Baishali Bhattacharya, the author, has a certification in makeup artistry with a zeal for staying on top of chic trends. As you grow older, your skin becomes vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes. One of the best ways to smoothen out those signs of aging and look more youthful is using matte eyeshadows. After spending many hours scouring through the internet and investigating many products and their reviews, she settled with this list. Each of these eyeshadows offers good color payoff, high blendability, and lasts long.

What eyeshadow colors to avoid for brown eyes?
Avoid using black eyeshadow or the darker grays on dark brown eyes which can make dark brown eyes ’disappear’. Stick to lighter shades of brown eyeshadow unless you have light brown eyes or hazel brown eyes. Use a cool eyeshadow palette to create drama – so blue, green, or yellow eyeshadow.
The Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in the shade Matte Chill from L’Oreal Paris has a velvety texture and a rich matte finish. Its highly pigmented formula provides intense color payoff. This eyeshadow features cutting-edge Gel to Powder Technology that helps the pigments to blend easily and glide smoothly over the skin. Moreover, its lightweight formula stays comfortable and lasts all day long. Check out the review of this product on YouTube to know why it is one of the best out there.This is the best cream eyeshadow for mature eyes. This gorgeous shade, Plum Fairy, has a cool undertone that accentuates the eyes and suits almost all skin tones. Its natural and organic formula is highly pigmented, blends easily, and offers a rich color payoff. The nourishing ingredients like shea butter, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E moisturize the eyelids. This eyeshadow is suitable for all skin types.

The Suede Shade Matte Liquid Eye Shadow from Stila has a velvety matte yet creamy formula that can be used to create neutral as well as bold looks. The shade Midnight Espresso is a delightful mauvy nude that adds an extra dimension to your eyes. Its color-intense formula works without an eyeshadow primer and can be paired with glitter and shimmer shadows. Its lightweight and extended stay formula glide on smoothly to offer a flawless finish.
The IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Trio is a high-quality eyeshadow product that comes in a compact, travel-friendly palette. The palette contains three versatile shades of eyeshadow that are designed to enhance your natural beauty and create a range of beautiful eye looks. It even gets rid of oily eyelids. The eyeshadows in this trio are formulated with high-quality, skin-loving ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, green tea, acai, silk, and vitamins A, C, and E. They are also free from harmful chemicals and irritants, making them safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin.

If it is your dream to age like fine wine, the products you choose need to be top-tier too. And you need the best matte eyeshadow for mature eyes to specifically suit your eye makeup. This makeup product can be your answer to looking bomb and youthful on any occasion. As we age, we start to lose the elasticity in our skin. It is best to go for products that don’t settle into fine lines, pores, or wrinkles. You can defy all the stereotypes about older women not wearing heavy makeup and living like the confident queen you are with these 10 best matte eyeshadows to smoothen your eyelids.Vilken tjej skulle säga att hon inte gillar att shoppa? Är det dessutom billigt blir man lockad till att klicka hem inte bara en, utan kanske ett urval av snygga ögonskuggor. Det är inte svårt att finna det som faller en i smaken, urvalet är stort och även den mest kräsna hittar nog något som faller i tycke. Det finns oändligt många ögonskuggor och olika varianter och tekniker kan framhäva inte bara ögonfärg, utan även personlig stil. Förr använde man sot och andra olika sätt för att skugga ens ögonlock, allt för att få den där blicken som många vill ha. Men så komplicerat har vi det inte idag! Online shopping underlättar förstås mycket, det är bra för de som inte vill slösa tid på att rusa runt på olika sminkaffärer. Efter så lite som några klick kan dina favoritögonskuggor vara på väg till din postlåda. Leveranstiden kan variera men är i regel snabb. Går man igenom sortimentet finns det otroligt många paletter, färger och stilar att välja bland. Här har du en prisvärd onlinebutik med framförallt hög kvalitet på sina varor. Har du en tråkig stund är det rätt rofyllt att sätta sig ner med sin laptop och scrolla igenom den mångfald av fina färger på ögonskuggor som erbjuds till otroligt låga priser! Det har aldrig varit så billigt och enkelt att shoppa som det är nu. På nätet konkurrerar alla onlinesidor med varandra, prismässigt och även hur själva hemsida är uppbyggd. Detta är en smidig och enkel sida. En ögonskugga eller fler, varför inte unna sig ett par i olika färger för att få till din perfekta make up till fest och vardag, speciellt då det är så billigt. Lägg inte ner stora summor då det går att få precis den look du vill ha, anpassat efter din egen budget.

Här på finns stora valmöjligheter för dig som letar efter en ny ögonskugga. Denna sida erbjuder billiga ögonskuggor som passar allas smaker. Se hela utbudet enkelt online.Ögonskugga med mycket pigment. Lätt att applicera och blandas ut jämnt. Skapa en personligt anpassad palett med skuggor. Passar i asken Pro Palette för enkel förvaring och transportering.

What Mac eyeshadow is best for brown eyes?
For brown-eyed girls the most flattering colours are neutral shades like chocolate browns, bronzes, coppers, and taupes. Then brighter shades like teals, blues, purples, and pinks to really make our eyes pop.
Håll utkik efter märkningen ”Great Deal”. Detta är noga utvalda produkter som vi kontinuerligt matchar mot auktoriserade återförsäljare för att kunna erbjuda dig som kund ett rättvist pris.It is very important for everyone to know about the eye shadow colors that complement their skin tone or complexion. Women with a fairer skin tone can opt for light pink shades, champagne colored eyeshadows and darker skinned beauties would look best with deep colored eyeshadows and warm gold colored eyeshadows. Applying the right eye shadow for your complexion will definitely help you look younger and will also enhance the beauty of your skin tone.

It is very important that your eyeshadow is deeply pigmented as such eyeshadows can enhance your look and won’t make your eye shadow look flaky or your eye area look ashy.
Using gold, bronze, copper and glittery eye shadows is definitely in for the wedding season. Such shades help you look glamorous and also help you look younger than your age.Neutral and pink colored eye shadows also make you look younger. Neutrals will also complement your everyday look without making you feel that you have over done your makeup, whether you are in the office or college. Neutrals and various shades of pink are perfect for everyday looks if you want to look fresh all the time.Hi Z. I have yet to find a dupe for soft brown. It’s the most gorgeous orangey warm brown and yet it’s not available in the UK. Saddle is not even available in the UK. Really need a good dupe for soft brown please help! xx

Finding this post a little late, but if anyone is looking for a drugstore nude/pink try Maybelline’s “Nude Glow” single eyeshadow. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with it.

Is matte eyeshadow better for older eyes?
Is matte eyeshadow better for mature eyes? Yes. Opt for hydrating matte eyeshadows like the iT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Palette, as they are long-wearing and are less likely to fade on mature skin.
I was really anticipating this article, Z! It’s funny how you can think there is such a “huge” difference in eye shadows but, really, once they’re applied, the differences are sometimes so subtle that having more than one is a waste of both money and space, to say nothing of the mental clutter it creates (“Should I use Smoke&Diamonds or Diamond Lil? Kid or Malt?”). I hope you’ll do more of these features – maybe one showing LE/discontinued vs permanent line shadows or even MAC/UD similar shadows. I know we once talked about some greys and you mentioned that one I don’t have – can’t recall which now – was virtually identical to UD Gunmetal. That was so helpful except that I forgot to write it down!

I completely agree with all of these above especially mythology and expensive pink, but I do not think silver ring and knight divine are dupes! I prefer to wear silver ring on my lid while knight divine is more pigmented and deeper so I prefer it in the crease!Both are red based browns which actually both have a purple hue to them, barely detectable in the pan. The only real difference between these two is the finish; Folie will give you more of a matte-leaning finish (not matte though!), while Twinks will give you more of a shimmer finish. These are essentially the same shade color-wise.

Nehru and Carbon are basically black shades. Who really needs more than one black shade in their collection? Seriously. The most noticeable difference to me between these two is that I see a slight blue tinge to Nehru not found in Carbon. Carbon is a true, deep black. However, I find Nehru much easier to work with and blend. When it comes right down to it, I prefer it over Carbon.
Thank you, thank you for the list this was very helpful. Would you happen to know if there are MAC dupes for amber lights, expresso, smut, typographic (do you really need smut, typographic if you have carbon?), omega, cork, phloof, dazzlelight, corduroy, swiss chocolate, antiqued.Or if not, could you give me combinations with tempting. I have vanilla, cranberry, shroom, naked lunch, gleam, rule, sable, motif, mulch, da bling, patina, cranberry. Any combinations I could do with those? Oh also Tracy and seedy pearl

When I compared these side by side in the pan, the only difference I could see between the two was Creme de Violet’s hint of gold glitter. When applied in the swatch Creme de Violet does tend to lean slightly more pink than Vibrant Grape. Each of these gives its own unique effect, but they are really interchangeable with one another.
It was Knight Divine! 🙂 And yes, I am definitely planning on doing a post next week that gives MAC dupes for the Naked1 and Naked2 palettes! Looking forward to comparing them this weekend!At first glance you can see the subtle difference between these two in the pan. However, when applied to the lid, they are essentially one in the same. I would say Handwritten leans more towards a red base while Brown Down is more of a true, neutral brown. If you’re of a warm complexion, go for Handwritten; cool complexion, Brown Down is your gal!

You are so right!! Just tried tempting and am completely disappointed with it. It looks cute in the pan, but was so flat and dull on my eyes. Ordered woodwinked ASAP!!
Hi Shannon! Yes! I have it in one of the palettes, Tamanna I think? I feel like Embark has a slight more purple tone to it (very slight!) and would compare Fudge to something like MAC’s Handwritten, which is also that rich red based brown. I’m a sucker for those shades! 🙂Hi! Just wanted to add that I find UD Freelove and MAC paradisco very similar, on my lids they are almost identical. Too bad that I love both. But since I already own UD Freelove and just got Paradisco, I will return it and decide which one to go for when Freelove hits the pan.

What eyeshadow palette does Kate Middleton use?
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette It contains 12 matte and shimmering pigments and has a combination for every occasion from day to night. To copy the Duchess’ signature look, cover your lids in ’Toasted’ – Catherine’s all-time favourite shade and dust with ’Hustle’ along the upper and lower lash-line.
I’m with you on the naked lunch vs all that glitters. They look SO much alike but there’s something more subtle about naked lunch than ATG. It just looks better on with my fair skin. I’m working on my 3rd pot because I wear NL almost EVERY day to work!I have MAC’s Naked Lunch, soft brown, texture, tempting, woodwinked, mythology, & brown down. I need ideas on how to wear these. This was kind of my MAC starter colors when I went in this is what they suggested. Along with a few other products. But I’m kind of just starting out wearing more makeup & need ideas on what colors to wear together! Please help!! I am so happy I found this website 🙂 thank you!!I’ve been obsessed with this website ever since i discovered it this week, I ran to my Mac store and bought a few eyeshadows. I’m having a hard time deciding whether to keep Mac’s Paradisco. I have Mac’s Expensive Pink. Do I really need both?

I’m so happy I found your sight. At 49 years old I still love makeup and I’m always looking for new eyeshadow combinations and application techniques…there’s always more to learn. Your sight offers that and so much more. I have 2 questions, first, is there a dupe for Macs “Motif” and second, being a brown-eyed girl, (neutral undertones), of a mature age, can you offer a good every day look and a more dramatic, sometime in your future posts. Thank you again . Kimberly.Hi! No worries..they are in my pallet and ready to go! I’m sure I will use them all 🙂 I would never return them anyway as the girls and guys at the store were so helpful..I had a 3 page list lol

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