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The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (1962) – Based on Selma Lagerlöf’s fairy-tale about a boy who shrinks and flies on a goose all over Sweden. One of Sweden’s very few fantasy films, also a great geography lesson.Cultpix owes a lot to Johan-san, as he has been the door-opener to both Kadokawa-Daiei and Nikkatsu in Japan, two major studios with very exciting films. Cultpix is doing three big themes with Daiei films in the Spring of 2023, the Daimajin trilogy, eight Gamera films (the giant flying turtle) and 21 Zatoichi films!

Zatoichi Week 1 – In which we invite our guest, Swedish film professor Johan Nordström, who’s been living in Japan for the past 15 years, to discuss Daiei Studios, Japanese cinema in general and specifically the Zatoichi films, the one-of-a-kind star of the films, Shintaro Katsu – and Japanese society.
The Priest in Uddarbo (1958) – A young Max von Sydow impresses with warmth and humor as a young preacher, mobilizing the whole village to build a church. (No exorcism involved.)Arne Mattsson was probably Sweden’s most prolific film director ever, with his 60 films (Bergman ’only’ made 40). He was an extremely versatile film maker, in genres like drama, action, thriller, comedy, musical, children’s film, horror, juvenile delinquent, sexploitation…

Their career is also interesting, as the films changed with the times; where she in the 60’s was mainly a victim in the films, being abused and/or raped, in the later films her characters were much more empowered, taking charge of their lives.
Kenne Fant was a talented director who was overshadowed by Ingmar Bergman, just like his contemporaries Hasse Ekman and Arne Mattsson. He often worked with the same actors as Bergmen, including Bibi Andersson and Max von Sydow. Other of his actors had no problem switching between arthouse and exploitation films, like Lars Ekborg (Blonde in Bondage, The Dance Hall), Christina Schollin and others. Special mention to older actor Edvin Adolphson.The Game of Love (1959) – Colourful and innovative marital comedy. The everyday life scenes are black and white, the fantasy/film scenes are in vivid colour. A weird film. Very hard to understand the target audience for it. But great colour and great performances all around!

You don’t want to miss out on this well-hidden gem, which is finally reaching a global audience, after having been shown theatrically only in New York back in the day.
Bela did get to play comedy in one of our favourite films, “Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla” (1951), with nightclub comedians Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo in roles approximating Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.Adrián has theories of why the voluptuous Isabel never made it abroad (like stars like Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot), one being that she only worked with Armando Bó as a director, not for the lack of offers, even from abroad.”Diary of a Nudist” (1961) – Newspaper editor stumbles on nudist camp and commissions young female reporter to write exposé about the sordid lifestyle.2022 is Doris Wishman’s year. The maverick director was born in 1912 and passed away in 2002, still making movies. She would have turned 110 this year, and it’s 20 years since her passing.

”Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls” (1963) – Tom is fired from his real-estate job when his boss discovers that he is a nudist, but he hatches a very nudist revenge plan.
The other films in the theme week are: ”Heat” (1960), ”The Hot Days” (1966), ”Nude in the Sand” (1969), ”Tropical Ecstasy” (1970) and ”The Insatiable Widow” (1976).This week’s theme has 10 films by Bó, starring Sarli. Adrián discusses some of her most famous films like ”Carne” (1968) and ”The Naked Temptation” (1966) which was a major inspiration for his own ”I’ll Never Die Alone” (2008), as well the couple’s venture into a kind of horror film ”Bewitched” (1976).

We count down the top ten most watched film on Cultpix in 2022, all of them with a sexy theme, with a fierce battle for the top medal position between Danish erotica compilation and Swedish erotica compilation, but the winner is a film that ’gives porn a good name.’
To discuss this amazing roller coaster career on Cultpix Radio, we have invited Jan Lumholdt – journalist, film historian, and author of the anthology ”Lars von Trier: Interviews” and ”Harriet Andersson – Conversations with Jan Lumholdt”.There is self-congratulation galore as we note how Cultpix has grown over 150% in the past year, even as the like of N****ix lost 500,000 members in UK alone.

They also discuss the films in relationship to the dictatorship of the country. Isabel had met with President Perón, and the clothes designer in her films also dressed Eva Perón. So, there were mixed emotions about Armando Bó’s films, both from the leadership and from the audience.The Wedding Day (1960) – Star-studded comedy. A surprisingly outspoken and cynical film, where Max von Sydow screws around, despite his love for his fiancée Bibi Anderson.

Django Nudo and the Smut Peddler mourn Kitten Natividad but celebrate the 100th birthday of Bert I Gordon, the director of big creature and small people fantasy films who is still alive. They also announce that the European Genre Film Foundation has acquired the Joe Sarno collection of costumes, props, scripts and more from his widow Peggy Sarno, including the notorious double-dildo rocking horse from Young Playthings (1972).He did win recognition as ”one of the finest actors to come out of Europe,” in this 1951 interview, where he talks about being typecast and the kind of roles he had back in Hungary. He also gave this very candid interview after he was in rehab in 1955 to deal with opioid and alcohol addiction. Yet his son Bela George Lugosi Jr has spoken about addiction being “the biggest misconception about his father” and a “focus on negative aspects” of his life.

We look at the top films that people find on Cultpix from sites like Letterboxd, JustWatch and PlayPilot, including ”Anita – Swedish Nymphet” (1972), Fleischer Studio’s ”Superman” serial (1941-1943), and Leni Riefenstahl’s ”Triumph of the Will” (1935). There is also a good story abput how that last one ended up published on DVD and on Cultpix. A special mention to our biggest fans and members on social media and IRL – would you believe we get letters sent to us? And you won’t guess what’s in them. A special mention of members Tightsbury, Lee Bailes, Karen R, Dr Retro, John Corbyn, Cousin H, Disapproving Swede and many more. ”Zatoichi the Fugitive” (1963) – The yakuza are unhappy because Zatoichi unexpectedly wins the sumo wrestling match in the village. They hire a ronin to kill him, but it turns out they both have a romantic link to the same woman. Smut and Adrián have an in-depth conversation about the week’s theme: the king and queen of Argentinian sexploitation cinema – Armando Bó and Isabel Sarli. Their film ”Fuego” (1969) was a major influence for John Waters (especially Pink Flamingos, 1972), which he talks about here.We give him third-degree interrogation, questioning him on the film; the inspirations, the ideas behind it, the budget, the cast, the music, the cinematography, the dialogue, the editing, the props, the legalities of some locations, and New York as a character of its own in the film.

As the films were produced by Nordisk Tonefilm, owned by the Swedish labour movement, there are some recurring political/didactic themes: one being criticism against the church and conservative priests, the conflict between rural and urban Sweden, and how young people try to change their lives, despite the grown-up world.
Adrián explains about the Bó family, where Armando’s son Victor starred against Isabel, and had sex scenes with her, while his dad was still married to Victor’s mom. Victor’s son, Armando Jr, is in turn an Oscar-winning screenwriter in Hollywood today.

The Taming of Love (1955) – The headmaster’s wife in the small town has just published an acclaimed collection of love poems. Everyone is curious about who the young lover of the poems might be.
Part of the reason for this is Tim Burton’s film ”Ed Wood” (1994), which imagines how Ed Wood first met Bela Lugosi. Johnny Depp’s Ed Wood is in awe of Bela, though he himself feels he is a has-been. “Now, no one gives two fucks for Bela.” Marin Landau discusses the process of becoming Bela, a role that won him an Oscar, and his admiration for him. “In junk movies he was BRILLIANT.”

She was the former Miss Argentina (1955), met the director Armando Bó, who cast her in her first film in 1957, ”Thunder in the Leaves”, which contains Argentina’s first frontal nudity in a film. They became lovers (while he was still married) and made 27 amazing erotic melodramas or comedies together, until his death in 1984. She only did two films with other directors. Cultpix shows: ”The Female” (1962/1968). The film was exported to the USA, where it was dubbed, re-cut, and got new sex scenes.Django Nudo and the Smutpeddler discuss this week’s theme of 80’s American horror films, and why they can only be watched by our North American members. (Clue: rights issues.) But there will also be upcoming themes where the US audience won’t be able to watch some films, so it kind of evens out. But, Cultpix’s main goal is as always, to be a truly global streaming platform and cult.Tarps Elin (1956) – Elin Tarp is an unmarried mother with three children, who lives a hard life in the countryside. Eva Dahlbeck was referred to as “Battleship Femininity” by Ingmar Bergman.

A memorable line from Christina Schollin as young student Titti, talking to Bibi Andersson, who’s about to marry Max: “Can’t I just borrow him for the night? You’ll have him every day!” Schollin is now matriarch of an acting dynasty and back on stage age 83.
Young Summer (1954) – Helge Lysvik is a farmer’s son. He dreams of a future as a musician, but there are many obstacles on the way. He’s also torn between the girl next door and big city life.

The Swedish film director Arne Mattsson was active in the film industry across eight decades (if you count him carrying beer to the film crew at a shoot when he was 6 years old).
He made his last film in 1990 and passed away in 1995. In 2019 Mattsson would have been 100 years old. But this was not celebrated at all in the gigantic way Ingmar Bergman’s 100th was celebrated the year before. Shame!

The Mexican-Argentinian film director Adrián García Bogliano knows a thing or two about Sarli/Bó and about the modern history of Argentina, as his parent escaped the military junta in the country for Spain, where Adrián was born. He then grew up in Argentina, when the country got a democratic government, and in his youth, he was fascinated by the goddess Isabel Sarli.
In the 50’s, however, Mattsson was truly fetted, with multiple awards at film festivals, and actually bigger than Bergman. Most famously for ”One Summer of Happiness” (1951), which won the Gold Bear at the second ever Berlin Film Festival. But his career went downhill, and there’s a rumour that his never-published autobiography had the working title “I skuggan av en skitstövel” (“In the Shadow of a Bastard”) – referring to I.B.Disney is preparing a 4K Blu-ray release of Robert Zemeckis’ film \Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), starring Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy, Charles Fleischer, and Kathleen Turner. Currently, the release is set to arrive on the market on December 7.

Roligt att läsa Thomas! Jag har ingen projektor för 4K än, men börjar förbereda lite mjukvara. The Shining har jag i en äldre box, och det verkar alltså inte finnas anledning att byta ut den.
Vet inte om den kan klassas som klassiker, men är det något som sett hur den tyska 4K utgåvan av Field of Dreams är? Den finns nämligen på Amazon.se för ett rimligt pris. Tilläggas bör också att vad som gäller ovissheter i ljussättningar och de filmer som har fått kontroversiella masters genom åren så är detta något som i princip alla filminstitutioner och arkiv brottas med. De referenser som väl finns sparade (hålkort och disketter med ljusinformation, referenskopior, duplikat, visningskopior, trailers, beskrivningar av fotografer och regissörer etc) är inte alltid helt ense och i vissa fall är det närmast omöjligt att ge några exakta svar på hur färg och ljus såg ut vid ursprunglig visning. Går källorna isär alltför mycket så måste man kompromissa. Vid inget annat underlag kan det bästa man får fram vara hur filmen såg ut vid något tillfälle (t.ex. en visningskopia gjord många år efter premiären) och arbeta utifrån det, för att minska spretigheten för framtida arkivering. 4K scannen är redan color corrected fast många anser den är felaktig. Ev så är kanske felen sådana att man ganska ”enkelt” kan göra vissa ändringar som funkar rakt igenom filmen?Det svåra med ljussättningar, även om det så finns referenser, är att fotokemiska processer aldrig var helt tillförlitliga utan det fanns jämt utrymme för viss differens. Har man en svarskopia så är det förstås mindre tveksamheter om själva helheten, men det är en svår avvägning när man sitter i DaVinci eller Nucoda om man ska få varje sekvens att matcha så gott det går eller varje scen att ha någotsånär sammanhängande färger i varje klipp. Med första tillvägagångssättet kan man lätt ”föra över” gamla fel som uppstått vid framkallning, medan andra i vissa fall kan avvika sig något för mycket från den ursprungliga ljussättningen. Odiskutabelt att båda scenarionen tar hänsyn till filmens integritet.Filmen i just det här fallet är skjuten med Arrisystem på Eastmancolor 50T, så det är rätt långsam film. Bör absolut hålla måttet i sig, men Techniscope är som sagt en begränsning.Ah, ja om de utgår ifrån en befintlig master är det fullt rimligt att ytterligare justeringar inte nödvändigtvis behöver ta särskilt lång tid. Det förklarar också varför filmen fortsätter vara i BT.709.Då det är så väldigt små skillnader mellan bioversionen och den förlängda så kan det finnas goda grunder till att bara ha med den ena på UHD-BD. Att kombinera och skapa olika titlar baserat på samma källfiler är mycket krångligare än vad det var på DVD eller Blu-Ray vad jag har förstått det som. Det finns vissa undantag från den regeln, b.la. Blues Brothers.

Lite komiskt att de skryter om att de har ljussatt filmen i ”över 30 timmar”; Fyra arbetsdagar för en film på 162 minuter… Det är ganska lite om man tänker på att utgångspunkten är så pass gammal Eastmancolor.Därför att filmstocken och linserna på kameran dom använde i mitten på 60-talet gör att det förmodligen inte finns mycket mer information än 2K att hämta.

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Capitol är en biograf och bistro på Sankt Eriksgatan 82 i Stockholm. Vi erbjuder filmupplevelser och matsensationer, en stilfull tjugotalsmiljö, ett fokuserat dryckessortiment, välkomponerade matpaket som kan förbeställas till bordet bredvid din biofåtölj och ett brett utbud av ny och klassisk film. En vuxnare filmupplevelse helt enkelt. Genom att inte stänga av cookies i din webbläsare och fortsätta använda webbplatsen samtycker du till vår användning av cookies i enlighet med denna Cookie Policy och underliggande behandling av personuppgifter (om tillämpligt). För ytterligare information om hur vi behandlar personuppgifter, se våra Köpvillkor. Du kan när som helst ändra ditt val genom att inaktivera cookies in din webbläsares inställningar. Den blinda mannen som inte ville se Titanic är en aldrig tidigare skådad kärlekshistoria där Petri Poikolainen gör sitt livs roll som mannen som är fånge i sitt eget hem. Fängelsets murar faller då Jaakko beslutar sig för att åka och hälsa på sin kärlek. Det är inget lätt beslut att fatta eftersom Jaakko är blind och förlamad från bröstet ner – och han måste klara resan själv. För att ta sig enda fram så är Jaakko tvungen att förlita sig på fem okända personer och deras hjälp. Vad kan gå fel?Vi använder inte ett enkelt medelvärde för att beräkna den totala stjärnrecensionen och den procentuella fördelningen per stjärna. Istället tar vårt system hänsyn till saker som till exempel hur nyligen en recension har gjorts och om recensenten köpte artikeln på Amazon. Det analyserar också recensioner för att verifiera deras trovärdighet.

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