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This weakness dragged European stocks to their third successive daily decline, although the FTSE100 managed to eke out a paltry gain, helped by outperformance in the basic resource and energy sector. USD/JPY – failure to move beyond the 129.00 area has seen some profit taking as we look to drift back down to the 125.80 area, on a break below the 127.40 level. The main support lies all the way back down near the 124.70/80 area. Any hope of a respite from the selloff yesterday with the release of last night’s numbers from Microsoft and Alphabet appeared to be dashed after investors reacted badly to Alphabet’s numbers, although post release after hours sentiment can be flaky at best.

EUR/USD – found support at the 1.0630 level, with a break targeting the 2017 lows at 1.0340. The 1.0750 area now becomes resistance along with the 1.0820 area.
This escalation on the part of Russia, along with reports that Moscow might be behind a number of incidents in Moldova, with a view to mobilising its troops there hasn’t helped, while comments by Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov about the risk of nuclear war only served to unsettle markets even more.With US markets finishing the day sharply lower, wiping out all of their Monday gains, we also saw the Nasdaq 100 post its biggest one day fall since February 3rd, while the Russell 2000 posted its lowest daily close since December 2020.

Lavrov’s remarks appear to be the latest attempt by the Kremlin to try and keep the US and NATO off balance in a war that hasn’t gone Russia’s way and is unlikely to yield them the results they had hoped for.
As a result of yesterday’s weak US finish, markets here in Europe look set to open lower this morning against a backdrop of escalating geopolitical risk, and declining confidence in the economic outlook.

With US markets finishing the day sharply lower, wiping out all of their Monday gains, we also saw the Nasdaq 100 post its biggest one day fall since February 3, while the Russell 2000 posted its lowest daily close since December 2020.Read our preview of the major economic and corporate events taking place in the week commencing Monday 17 April 2023, and view our company earnings calendar.

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Markets in Europe continued to leave behind the scars of the recent turmoil around the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in the US, and Credit Suisse in Europe last weekAlphabet saw Q1 total revenues come in at $68.01bn, while operating margins came in at 30%. Q1 profits came in slightly shy at $24.62c a share, while the company announced it was buying back an additional $70bn in shares.

EUR/GBP – has continued to edge higher pushing up against the 200-day MA, and 0.8470/80 area. Support comes in at the 0.8380 area. It appears we are in a range between 0.8500 and 0.8200.
The general risk off tone we saw yesterday also manifested itself into another day of falling yields in a move that suggests that investors are now starting to begin a process of de-risking away from equities, while the US dollar index appears to be closing in on its highest level in 3 years.Yesterday’s market weakness was led by the Nasdaq 100, which slid to its lowest levels in over a month. The inability to hold onto the attempted rally is not only worrying but also speaks to a general lack of confidence more broadly about the economic outlook, as well as the ability of central banks to engineer a “soft landing” as they look to tackle inflation.

Microsoft on the other hand saw its Q3 numbers come in better than expected. Revenues came in at $49.36bn, slightly higher than expected, as did profits at $2.22c a share. Personal computing saw revenues of $14.52bn, helped by decent sales of Windows 11 and Xbox, while its intelligent cloud business, which includes Azure generated $19.05bn in revenue.
CMC Markets Germany GmbH är ett företag auktoriserad och reglerat av Bundesanstalt fürFinanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) under registreringsnummer 154814.For most of yesterday it looked as if European markets would finish the day higher, unfortunately US markets had other ideas, opening lower and reversing all of the gains of the previous session.

Markets in Europe have continued to build on their gains of the week, with today’s US banking numbers giving a lift to European financials with Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC,
While equity markets fell sharply oil prices were slightly more resilient, however that was more down reports that Russia had cut off gas flows to Poland after the Polish government refused to pay in roubles, and which sent energy prices spiking higher.On the face of it these numbers look pretty good, however it appears that investors have taken exception to the company missing on services revenues, coming in at $61.47bn, below expectations of $62.58bn. This was primarily via lower-than-expected ad revenue from YouTube which saw revenues of $6.9bn, below expectations of $7.4bn.

GBP/USD – looks set for a test of the 1.2490 area the 61.8% retracement of the move from the 2020 lows at 1.1410, to the peaks last year at 1.4240. We now have resistance at the 1.2820/30 area.
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I have tried multiple times to incorporate meditation into my life. I have yet to find a way to maintain it. This week I listened to mindfulness podcasts on my commute and tried to do a meditation with my kids. We sat on the floor together, held hands and attempted to stay quiet for as long as possible. My 3-year-old was the first to break (no surprise). My 5-year-old was quite on board with it. I will keep trying and see how it goes.
This test comes at the perfect time for me. There has been a lot of change in my life over the last 6 months or so which has disrupted my normal routines, and I have really struggled to rebuild good habits (despite having the desire to do so). I am good at positively reframing situations (externally), but I have always struggled with self-doubt, self-criticism, self-worth, anxiety and depression. Over the years I have experienced varying degrees, including very positive periods but recent months have been quite hard. On day one, I had no negative thoughts until I played football and didn’t take a winning shot. I went home berating myself. About 10 years ago someone broke my leg by sliding through me as I took a shot in a very similar situation. I think, without realising it, I had made the choice to prioritise my own safety over the game. It is, after all, just a game, and I have a family to support at home. This made me feel a lot more positive about the situation and led to the three things I am grateful for: My family. My health. My weekly football companions. On day 4, I was walking and it started to rain. The first thought that came into my head was ‘that feels refreshing’, which made me feel as though the conscious positive thinking, was now changing my subconscious thinking. I could easily have reacted with negative thoughts around getting wet, and still had a long way to walk in the rain.

We’ve all got that friend that manages to see the upside of everything, don’t we? Have you ever wondered if this kind of positivity is a born character trait or quite possibly … might be something you could learn? We wanted to find out. That’s why we enlisted five Rituals employees to follow a positive living routine for a week, to see if it could have a ‘positive’ impact on their mindsets. Each participant rated their mood from 1/10 at the beginning and end of the week – let’s see if it improved.
To kickstart my mornings on a positive note, I combined my gratitude moment with a gratitude meditation. It was like a power-packed dose of positivity that set the tone for the rest of the day. I have always felt anxious before meditating because my mind races and creates endless to-do-lists, but focusing on it this week made me realise that it provided a much-needed pause in my day and allowed me to cultivate a sense of calm and clarity. The further I got into the challenge the more I started to appreciate this space for introspection and self-reflection.The food we eat influences us both physically and mentally, from the inside out. Swerve processed foods that can make us feel sluggish this week and opt for nutritious and vitamin-packed ingredients and food that excite you (and your tastebuds). Set yourself up for success by planning what you will eat for the week and shopping locally for fresh foods. Perhaps try a new recipe or two.

I tried to meditate before work on Monday morning and this was already difficult as I had to fight with punctuality. Sometimes I have these moments in my life where I just want to be alone. I often have negative thoughts and couldn’t concentrate on work but the positive thought processes helped me. I kept telling myself that I can do it, I love myself and that everything is fine. This helped me to stay calm. On Tuesday I got up a little earlier and still found I couldn’t meditate as I constantly had thoughts in my head and couldn’t concentrate. I decided to talk to myself instead and after, I felt free. I received a lot of compliments from work colleagues and strangers and I think it was because I felt more relaxed. On Wednesday I had so much energy, I realised I had avoided sweets the last few days which was hard for me before and I was feeling grateful to myself that I’m evolving and making my life more positive. I tried to meditate again but I couldn’t, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I prayed instead. On Friday I had no negative thoughts and had fun at the gym, feeling more fit. I’ve been eating cleaner the whole week, sticking to the rules and I feel lighter and happier doing this test. On the weekend I got even more positive feedback at work – I think you radiate the energy you feel.I finished the journal by writing things that I am grateful for. I feel this was the most powerful part of the day as it grounded me, and reminded me of what I have and how lucky I am. It also helped put things into perspective and reminded me not to stress over the little things. During the week I created a list of positive affirmations to help silence my inner critic. My God, that wasn’t easy for me and I realised I am my worst critic! I did repeat the list of words every morning which I taped on my bathroom mirror. Some days, I had my kids confirm the statements which made it easier for me.

Prenumerera på de senaste nyheterna och exklusiva erbjudanden från Rituals. Rituals använder dina personuppgifter i enlighet med vår integritetspolicy.
During the positivity challenge, of course, I still was busy and could be tired. It didn’t bring the sun to me, but it allowed me to look past the clouds and enjoy the days for what they would be. It’s all about finding a balance and being kind to myself along the way.Jessy Deans är en copywriter med stor aptit på tankeväckande berättelser, resor och allt som är överdraget med vit choklad. Med en bakgrund inom den tempofyllda tv-branschen har hon lärt sig hur viktigt det är att koppla av och ta hand om sig själv, och enligt henne kan man aldrig tända för många levande ljus. Som passionerad foodie är hon på en livslång jakt efter den perfekta måltiden och hon är en sann förespråkare av mottot ”du måste älska dig själv för att kunna älska andra” (RuPaul).

Lately, I have been feeling like a 5 in my life. I hope that creating positive habits will clear my mind of negative self-talk and help me see my daily life through a new lens. I was excited to start this project, convinced it would softly challenge me and might create meaningful changes in my life. On the first day of the challenge, I had to focus on finding room to implement these five steps. I wrote them all near my bedside table to give a better structure to my week. I was confident I would smash it, but I did not start on Monday, as I went into auto-pilot mode right in the morning, skipping the meditation. On Wednesday, I was feeling overwhelmed by my long to-do list of chores and deadlines. Rather than letting myself be drawn by the negativity it gave me, I prioritised instead, to lift a weight off my shoulders.
By Thursday I was feeling lighter and happier, new recipe ideas were popping into my mind with the will to bake and cook myself fresh and healthy meals. On Friday evening, I tried the meditation I consciously left behind for the first three days. I was scared to waste my time and that it would not work for me. Instead of letting my unconscious bias speak, I decided not to overthink and picked a random one. I ended up feeling so connected to myself that I repeated the experience the day after. On Sunday instead of cycling with earplugs in, I decide to pay attention to the sounds of nature. On my way to different places, I would look at people rather than ignoring them. I engaged with a neighbour in the elevator and we both left with a big smile on our faces. These small things are the one that matters at the end of the day.Getting my endorphins up through physicality was also nice because the weather was gorgeous. It gave me the perfect opportunity to soak up the outdoors. I had nice walks in my neighbourhood and even decided to challenge myself with an 8K in October.Think more positively and believe it. For every negative thought you have, give yourself two positives. This takes practice, but try to be truly mindful of how you speak to yourself this week.Recently I have found myself starting the day with boxed breakfast cereals, that offer very little nutrition, and often a lot of refined sugar. I have an auto-immune disease that was getting progressively worse during my twenties. I was being prescribed more and more medication to combat it, with no real effect. I decided to explore other routes myself, and began my nutritional journey that was able to reduce my symptoms and no longer take any medication at all. The last 5 or 6 years, I have been in the best shape of my life but over the last 6 months, I have fallen into poor eating habits: my bodyweight has increased by 10% over recent months (and it isn’t muscle). This week I have been having overnight oats for breakfast, drinking more water and eating more fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, beans. By day 6, I realised instead of the usual lull after lunch I was feeling energised. I am now back on track with my exercise routine too and will be continuing to exercise 5 times a week.

I started my week waking up at 5:30am every morning to do workouts on my FIIT app. After my exercises, I completed a wellness journal for the week which helped me with my daily intentions, helped ensure I ate healthily, monitored my sleeping patterns and, most importantly, where I wrote down my thoughts and feelings (which is something rare for me!). This helped me pause, reflect and find solutions to challenges I faced, but also helped me recognise things that needed to be celebrated. As humans, we usually tend to focus on the things that we don’t do well or can do better but we also need to celebrate the things we do well, so let’s remind ourselves and each other of this regularly.The timing of the positivity challenge couldn’t have been more perfect for me. As someone who usually maintains a positive and happy outlook, I had been feeling a bit down lately. The stress from work and overwhelming life admin tasks had taken a toll on me physically and mentally. That’s when the challenge appeared serendipitously, and although I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit, it felt like it was put in front of me when I needed it.

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Considering the app is free, it’s just as good as some other ones which charge around £10 a month. The app is really simple to use and it’s easy to view your training plan by day or week or the whole 8 weeks. The plan really kept me motivated and in shape during lockdown.
Making your life easier is important to us. That’s why you can follow programmes, track your workouts and access expert advice — such as mindfulness, nutrition, recovery or sleep — across multiple devices.Trained, a podcast from Nike, explores the cutting edge of holistic fitness through interviews and conversations with industry experts. Content is currently only available in English.

Challenge yourself with targeted strength training sessions for your arms, core and glutes. Whether it’s our 10-minute Quick Core Crush or an upper body strength video, our workouts will push your limits. And when you want to focus on your overall strength, conditioning, and power, check out our full-body sessions. If your aim is serious muscle gains, follow our sessions when you’re in the gym. Or try no-equipment classes and sweat it out in your living room.
Use the app’s workout planner (currently only available for iOS) to organise your ideal training schedule. From single sessions to multi-week programmes, you can personalise your training to suit your lifestyle.Ready to go? Download the Nike Training Club App and create an account. Then, start exploring our workouts and tracking your fitness journey. Get NTC for iOS and Android today.The start-up plan, bodyweight plan and keeping in shape plan ARE THE BEST. There’s a mixture of cardio and muscle building, and it truly cares about how and how well you can get your body in shape, working on the whole package as you progress through your plan. I recommend this app to anyone that needs help starting and staying motivated. It seriously helps you out. At least it did for me!* OBS! I de fall en vara väger mer än 20 kilo eller av andra anledningar inte kan skickas till ett DHL Service Point kommer du att bli kontaktad av oss för bokning av hemleverans. I vissa undantagsfall kan du komma att bli debiterad för hemleverans. En digitalflygel eller en kontrabas är exempel på varor som kan utgöra dessa undantag. Du kommer alltid att bli kontaktad av oss i dessa fall!

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