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When you register your Wood’s humidifier and replace the filter once a year you receive as much as 6 years warranty for Vienna HSW100. For the models WHU400/600 you will receive 3 years warranty when you register. Make sure you keep all receipts, even for the filters. These are needed for any warranty claims.When you register your Wood’s dehumidifier and replace the SMF-filter once a year you can receive as much as 10 years warranty depending on model. LD-series 10 years, SW, DS, AD, DK – series 6 years. Make sure you keep all receipts, even for the filters. These are needed for any warranty claims.When you register your Wood’s air purifier and, when applicable, replace the filter twice a year you receive as much as 10 years warranty. Make sure you keep all receipts, even for the filters. These are needed for any warranty claims.We hope you will be satisfied with your Wood´s product! We would like to offer you up to 10-years extended warranty. All you need to do is register your product and make regular filter changes. On models that do not include filter change, you get up to 3 years warranty when registering. To take part fill in the form below. We´re happy to send you a reminder when you need to replace your filter. Of course, the reminders are free and you can get them both by e-mail and SMS. Please note, for your extended warranty to be valid, save all receipts from purchase of both machine and replacement filter. The information you provide will only be used by Wood´s and will not be disclosed to third parties.Wood´s only send marketing of their own products and services to you using the personal information that you voluntarily registered with Wood´s. Such marketing can for example be done by mail, email, phone and cell phone. Should you no longer wish to receive such marketing contact Wood´s customer service. A third party is never permitted to use your personal data for marketing purposes.

Please note that only some air purifiers are equipped with replaceable filters. Some models have an electrostatic filter that doesn’t need replacing. Regardless of model, you must register your product to receive the extended warranty. Reminders are only sent if you register a model with a replaceable filter.

Wood´s is by PUL § 26 required, per written request, once a year, free of charge to respond to enquiries on how your personal information is processed. At your request it is Wood´s obligation to immediately rectify, block or erase data that has not been treated in accordance with PUL.
By registering my personal information, I agree that my information may be used for sending marketing material such as newsletters and product info. This information is not stored for longer than three years after the warranty has expired. If you do not want your data to be saved, please inform Wood´s by post or email.

Viktigt: Observera att detta inte är en insättning, fullständig eller garanterad bokning. Att reservera datumet hindrar helt enkelt andra medlemmar från att boka dina önskade datum under tiden du bestämmer dig. Secret Escapes ansvarar inte för separata utgifter om reserverat datum inte är tillgänglig för bokning längre och reservationen är borttagen.
Polar Vantage V2 har minimalistisk design och innovativ teknik som bygger på årtionden av vetenskaplig forskning och ger dig vår mest formidabla sportklocka hittills.

Then you’re all set to create classes, get your participants signed in, run a class and check class data from the iPad and participants’ individual Polar accounts. Polar Vantage M2 är utvecklad för funktion och jobbar lika hårt som du. Vår branschledande teknologi hjälper dig att nå dina mål och bli ännu starkare. För idrottare med attityd. Also, your trainers benefit greatly from Polar technology at your club. The free Polar Flow for Coach service offers your trainers a tool to coach and connect with their clients. They can access their client’s training data, give instant feedback and create training plans together.For your members to join the class, they need to have Polar Flow accounts and personal devices like sensors or wrist devices – or you can let them use the club’s sensors. Polar Club works with all Polar sport and fitness watches and heart rate sensors.

Idrott är kul – varför krångla till det? Polar Pacer är en okomplicerad sportklocka som ger den moderna idrottaren alla de viktigaste funktionerna plus de specialiserade träningsverktyg som behövs för att träna bättre.

Polar Club is a versatile product and you can use it for an unlimited amount of classes and instructors as well as for multiple class formats for up to 90 participants – everything from indoor cycling to functional training, bootcamps to small group sessions.
Polar Ignite 3 Titanium är en stilren livsstils- och träningsklocka som hjälper dig att leva ett mer energifyllt liv. Den håller koll på din sömn, aktivitet och puls för att ge personlig vägledning för din kropp och livsstil.En outdoorklocka för multisport med tålig men lätt design, ultralång batteritid och hållbarhet i militärklass för dig som hellre rör dig i terrängen än på vägarna.

If you want to learn more about Polar for Business solutions – or you’re ready to get started – fill in the form below and a rep from your local Polar B2B support team will contact you.
One unique benefit of the Polar ecosystem is that you and your members can track world-known Les Mills workouts with built-in Les Mills sport profiles on all Polar sports watches and fitness trackers as well as the Polar Club group heart rate monitoring system.

Keep your gym members engaged and motivated with accurate real-time performance data, such as heart rate and calories burned – all based on Polar’s best-in-class heart rate monitoring technology.
Polar sports watches and fitness trackers will help your members reach their fitness goals with personalized guidance in training, everyday activity tracking, sleep, and recovery. Moreover, Polar heart rate sensors connect to a great variety of 3rd party gym equipment and leading fitness apps with 5 kHz, Bluetooth, and ANT+ to offer unrivaled versatility.

The biggest benefit of adopting wearable tech to your club is that you can further improve your odds to retain your members. It’s a proven fact that Polar Club users work out on average 3.4 times per week at their gym. That’s 80% more than the IHRSA industry average of 1.9 visits. This means that wearables really can keep your members coming back to your facility more often.
A group heart rate monitoring system also boosts member engagement through the sense of achievement and camaraderie when working together towards the group goals in a class as well as through the friendly competition the individual and group rewards enable. Moreover, you can use the system to run fitness challenges at your club to motivate class goers even more. You can also promote the technology-powered classes to existing members as well as use it as a tool for new member acquisition.All our training technology is built on scientific research and validation, so you and your members get data and results they can trust. For example, the Polar heart rate tracking technology has been widely accepted as the gold standard in product comparisons and scientific studies for its 99.6% accuracy compared to ECG. Real-time performance data. Track and display your class’s effort in real time with performance data, such as heart rate, intensity, and calories burned. The zones give you real-time feedback and tell you exactly where your participants are at. You as an instructor know where they should be – all you need to do is coach them in the right direction!Polar Ignite 3 är en stilren livsstils- och träningsklocka som hjälper dig att leva ett mer energifyllt liv. Den håller koll på din sömn, aktivitet och puls för att ge personlig vägledning för din kropp och livsstil.

Polar Club tracks and displays your class’s effort in real-time through performance data, such as heart rate and calories burned. The way Polar Club measures and displays workout intensity is through the use of color-coded heart rate zones.The best part about it? It is super-easy to use. All you need to do is to get a Polar Club account, an iPad, Polar Club app, and a projector or a TV screen with a compatible cable and adapter. Polar heart rate tracking technology has been widely accepted as the gold standard in product comparisons and scientific studies for its 99.6% accuracy compared to ECG. Polar Club helps fitness and health clubs easily engage and motivate their customers through real-time effort tracking and instant rewards that make gym classes fun and a social event.From an instructor’s point of view, tracking heart rate is an amazing tool for getting useful information on how your class participants are training, such as calorie burn, average heart rate and effort in real-time, so that you can coach them better.

By implementing a group heart rate monitoring system and fitness wearables to your club you can become the digital hub of all of your member’s fitness activities. The system offers you the ability to expand your reach towards your members’, motivate and support them in their fitness journey and also earn extra revenue. Through technology you and your staff will be able to connect with the members not only when they work out at your facility but also while doing other activities outside the club’s walls. You can increase your members’ fitness results when you harness your instructors’ fitness expertise together with the workout data and the ability to track members’ progress online. You can even build new revenue streams by creating digital coaching services and selling heart rate monitors and fitness watches bundled together with these. En lättanvänd träningsklocka med personlig daglig träningsvägledning, pulsmätning och aktivitetsmätning dygnet runt plus automatisk registrering av sömn och återhämtning.

Make class participants push harder, feel motivated, and leave them wanting more with engaging challenges, instant workout feedback and rewards, plus friendly competitions. When you choose Polar wearable technology for your club, your members get access to the full Polar ecosystem where everything is connected. With heart rate sensors, fitness watches, and online coaching tools we cater to all the needs of fitness professionals and gym members alike. Byggd för hållbarhet på militär nivå med safirglas och ultralång batteritid, med nya navigeringsverktyg, utomhusfunktioner som alltid är på och Polars ultimata träningslösningar.En träningsklocka som är enkel, snygg och smart? Polar Ignite 2 ger tredubbel glädje. Den är mångsidig och mångfunktionell – din perfekta partner för alla sporter och livsstilar. En löparklocka med GPS och pulsmätning vid handleden, avancerade löparfunktioner och Polar Running Program – Polar M430 är en toppklocka för löpare som vill ha mer. Se till att du får din inbjudan till Polar-familjen. Registrera dig för vårt nyhetsbrev nu och håll dig uppdaterad om nyheter och erbjudanden! Du får 10 % rabatt* på ett köp.

Polar OH1 är en optisk pulsmätare som kombinerar mångsidighet, komfort och enkelhet. Du kan använda den både som fristående enhet och länka den med olika träningsappar, sportklockor och smartklockor tack vare anslutningsmöjligheter både via Bluetooth® och ANT+.

Heart rate tracking is a great tool for evaluating workout intensity levels and accumulated load. It helps your members see how hard their body is working during the sessions, in real-time, and it gives them data on the intensity of their session afterward. This instant gratification of effort gives your members a sense of achievement, which boosts motivation, delivers fitness results and drives retention in the long run.
En vattentät träningsklocka med avancerad pulsmätning på handleden och inbyggd GPS – Polar Ignite ger dig en översikt över din dag och hjälper dig på vägen mot ett mer balanserat liv.

Polar Club is a simple solution. All you need is an iPad with an Internet connection, a big-screen display, HDMI cable, and an HDMI connector or Apple TV to connect the iPad with your screen.
En universell multisport- och löparklocka med GPS för alla som älskar att slå nya rekord. Polar Vantage M är en tunn och lätt träningspartner som ger dig all information du behöver för att förbättra dina resultat.You can get even more out of Polar data at your club through Polar’s Open API that enables a direct information sharing link between the Polar ecosystem and your own data system, giving you more insights into your member’s workout behavior.

Heart rate tracking removes the guesswork and gives an extra boost to your fitness classes. When you coach your class with heart rate, you’ll know how hard they are working out and can easily regulate the intensity level of the entire group and individuals alike.
The wide selection of Polar fitness trackers to choose from and the Polar Flow online training platform help you keep your members motivated and engaged also beyond your club’s walls anywhere in the world.

Polar Pacer Pro är den nya generationens ultralätta sportklocka med GPS, inbyggd barometer och avancerade träningsredskap för att förbättra löpekonomin, träningpass och idrottsresultat.
Ubuy is secured with SSL certification and runs with HTTPS. Our payment process is secured with advanced encryption systems to ensure complete safety and security to our valuable customer data & money.

Are you searching for gym equipment in Sweden? Find gym equipment online on Ubuy at the lowest prices. Stay updated with our special offers, festive deals & discounts.\n\t\tDet är ditt ansvar som resenär att följa myndigheternas råd, tillämpa personliga hygienåtgärder och att tillämpa social- och fysisk distansering under din vistelse. Agoda uppmuntrar dig att ägna dig åt ett säkert resande på ett ansvarsfullt sätt och att vara vaksam på förändrade förhållanden.\n\t

Agoda erbjuder följande ” Agoda Prisgaranti ”. Om du har reserverat ett hotellrum genom Agoda och sedan visar oss att du kan boka samma rum och samma datum för ett lägre pris, kommer vi matcha priset eller ge ett lägre pris.

Hygiene Plus is not a guarantee from Agoda that any accommodation is risk-free. We rely on properties to affirm their own safety measures and amenities. As a traveler it is your responsibility to follow government advice, enforce personal hygiene measures, and apply social and physical distancing during your stay. Agoda encourages safe travel always and vigilance to changing conditions.
4. Agoda har rätten att bestämma giltighet för varje begäran, inklusive men inte begränsat till, att avgöra om det är samma hotell, rumstyp, datum, och att det uppfyller alla regler, villkor, och bearbetningkrav för begäran.\n\t\tVarken Hygiene Plus-märket eller någon annan information relaterad till bekvämligheter som visas på Agoda är någon garanti från Agoda att ett boende är riskfritt eller att risken har kontrollerats till en viss nivå. På dess eget initiativ har varje boende helt enkelt på egen hand försäkrat för potentiella gäster att boendet har vissa bekvämligheter på plats, i enlighet med vad som listats på dess Agoda-boendesida. Agoda verifierar eller certifierar inte sådana egenförsäkringar. \n\t

3. Agoda Prisgaranti gäller inte för bokningar som erbjuder lojalitetspoäng för en tredje part (till exempel PointsMAX) eller för opublicerade priser, såsom:
\n\t\tAgoda låter boenden på egen hand försäkra för potentiella gäster att boendet har vissa bekvämligheter på plats, har gjort vissa åtgärder och/eller ansträngningar (sammantaget ”bekvämligheter”), inklusive men inte begränsat till bekvämligheter som främjar en renare eller mer hygienisk miljö på deras ägor. De boenden som självdeklarerar vissa bekvämligheter relaterade till renlighet eller hygien kan också välja att visa upp ett Hygiene Plus-märke.\n\t

To help our travelers make informed and safe travel decisions, Agoda has initiated Hygiene Plus. Our partners listed under this campaign are committed to providing a clean environment to guests and staff by enhancing safety and hygiene measures. These partners have confirmed their compliance with specific safety and hygiene measures and can update their list at any time – providing you with up-to-date information to help you make the most informed choice.
We are aware of the problem with payment options when trying to complete orders from outside Sweden and we are in the process of fixing this. We are hoping to have this resolved ASAP. Thank you for your patience!The only official supplier of football equipment in the nordics. Authorized retailer for Riddell, Schutt, Xenith, Vicis, Douglas, X-Tech and many more.

We are a Stockholm based brand that offers online training programs, bootcamps, comfy clothing for active movements and a community with filled with strong women!Embrace the positive energy, have a cup of coffee and take advantage of great offers and news in our earthy showroom. Looking forward seeing you here soon! The ICANIWILL web platform uses cookies to enable the basic functionality of the website. This includes login, checkout, and the shopping cart. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information and cannot be switched off. Cookies to measure the user experience and to ensure that the website is functioning and optimized. For example, we gauge how many people use our website and from what devices, to offer the best possible experience.ICANIWILL uses cookies and similar technologies. Some cookies are necessary to ensure website functionality, some enable us to measure and analyze the website’s usability, and some are used to provide relevant marketing ads.Cookies that contribute to enhancing website performance, e.g. faster load times. By consenting to these cookies, the website will remember your visit and we will be able to monitor and optimize site performance. All information generated by these cookies is general and anonymous.For the best experience, we recommend accepting all types of cookies. However, you can always change and update your settings and preferences on this site.

Det här är den version av vår webbplats som är riktad till personer som talar Svenska i Sverige. Om du är bosatt i ett annat land eller en annan region väljer du den lämpliga versionen av Tripadvisor för ditt land eller din region i rullgardinsmenyn.
Nike asks you to accept cookies for performance, social media and advertising purposes. Social media and advertising cookies of third parties are used to offer you social media functionalities and personalised ads. To get more information or amend your preferences, click the ‘More Information’ button or visit ’Cookie Settings’ at the bottom of the website. To get more information about these cookies and the processing of your personal data, check our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Do you accept these cookies and the processing of personal data involved?These cookies allow us to improve the site’s functionality by tracking usage on the website. In some cases these cookies can improve the speed with which we can process your request as they allow us to remember site preferences that you’ve selected. De-selecting these cookies may result in poorly tailored recommendations and slow site performance.Social media cookies offer the possibility for you to connect to your social networks and share content from our website through social media. Advertising cookies (from third parties) collect information to help better tailor advertising to your interests, both within and beyond Nike websites. In some cases, these cookies involve the processing of your personal data. For more information about this processing of personal data, check our Privacy & Cookie Policy. De-selecting these cookies may result in you seeing advertising that is not as relevant to you, not being able to link effectively to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, and/or not being allowed to share content on social media.These cookies are required for basic site functionality and are therefore always enabled. These include cookies that allow you to be remembered as you explore the site within a single session or, if you request, from session to session. They help to make the bag and checkout process possible as well as assisting in security issues and conforming to regulations.

Inga sladdar. Inget krångel. Vi introducerar de helt sladdlösa JBL TUNE 120TWS. De har en färgstark design och ett högtalarelement på 5,8 mm som ger ett kraftfullt JBL Pure Bass-ljud. Öronsnäckorna och det bärbara och elegant designade laddningsfodralet som ingår ger tillsammans 16 timmars obegränsad musikalisk njutning. De har en ergonomisk form och är behagliga att ha på sig även om man lyssnar länge. De är utrustade med intuitiva och praktiska kontroller som är praktiskt placerade på varje öronsnäcka, inklusive enkel åtkomst till både Siri och Google Now med en enda knapptryckning. Dina lyssningsbehov uppfylls från dagens start ända fram till läggdags. Om det inte räcker, kan du koppla öronsnäckorna till det elegant utformade bärbara laddningsfodralet i bara 15 minuter och få en extra timmes speltid. Upptäck friheten med en trådlös livsstil när du är på språng. Nu kan du lyssna på musik, hantera dina samtal eller utföra ett träningspass utan att bekymra dig över trassliga sladdar som begränsar dina rörelser.

Missa aldrig ett samtal när du pendlar eller tränar. Hörlurarna har intuitiv styrning för stereosamtal med handsfree-funktion och praktiskt placerade knappar. Anslut till Siri eller Google Assistent med en enkel knapptryckning.
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