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Soviets features unpublished drawings from the archive of Danzig Baldaev. They satirize the Communist Party system, exposing the absurdities of Soviet life from drinking …

This beautifully produced boxed set of 53 postcards contains stunning images from the best-selling Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia series of books. These hugely popular and …Alice, a powerful Dark Other, attends a planning meeting with her comrades in the Day Watch. She is sent to recuperate at a youth camp. There she meets Igor, a Light Mage. Alice … Walking the streets of Moscow, indistinguishable from the rest of its population, are The Others. Possessors of supernatural powers and capable of entering the Twilight, a shadowy … Bokus har sålt böcker online sedan 1997. I utbudet på över 10 miljoner böcker hittar du både fysiska och digitala böcker till låga priser. Läs hur du vill – på papper, på skärm eller streama i Bokus Play – abonnemanget för ljudböcker och e-böcker. Vi klimatkompenserar alla kundfrakter genom Vi-skogen.- his path into martial arts training and teaching- rare experiences working with FMA, Systema, and H’sing-i masters – the deep principles he has observed across multiple martial styles- posture, connection, and attitudes to ”reality-based” trainingMind-blowing stuff, for those interested in such things. For a better context and understanding of half the stuff we ”yarn” about here, be sure to purchase Sand Talk in hardcopy or audiobook format (narrated by the author). For more mind-expanding (and unapologetically triggering) yarns, check out Tyson’s own podcast, The Other Others, on Spotify.

This week, a dive into the world of martial arts, medicine and holistic health – with impassioned Systema student and Doctor of Chinese Medicine Gabriel Stern.This week, a mind-expanding walkabout through the realms of body, mind, and spirit, with Indigenous Australian author, scholar, arts critic, and martial artist Tyson Yunkaporta. Tyson is a Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Knowledge at Deakin University, and author of the extraordinary book Sand Talk: How Indigenous Knowledge Can Save the World. Originally aired on Tyson’s own podcast, The Other Others, this episode delves into the confluence of Systema and Indigenous thinking, including:

This episode sees the return of Ryo Onishi (Systema Japan) to the podcast, with an engaging discussion of developing real power in Systema. As usual, Ryo brings practicality and a healthy perspective to a topic that can easily drift into the esoteric and impractical. Here, we get into:
As we learned during our first conversation last year (see episode 124), Jan has studied the art and science of movement and combat at the very highest levels – on the theoretical side as an expert in kinesiology and psychomotor therapy, and on the front lines as a world champion karateka; a defensive tactics instructor to military and law enforcement; and as one of the early non-Russian students and instructors of Systema under the legendary Mikhail Ryabko.

Hullo, Friends. After an 8-week sabbatical, Systema For Life returns this month with a broad discussion on the subject of focus, attention, and the attempt to ”optimize” your daily training and life routines. I’m joined once again by coach and wellness expert, Howard Jacobson.
This week, a brief chat with Senior Systema Instructor Martin Wheeler, following his recent Redwoods Systema Camp in California, and foreshadowing his 4-day Masterclass events in Los Angeles and Raleigh/Durham, NC. Here, we chat about:- insights from teaching and training worldwide- the benefits of multi-day immersion training- the surprising effects of training outdoors- discomfort as a necessary path to awarenessBoth of Martin’s Masterclass events – East Coast and West – are still open for registration. Click below for details.Masterclass Los Angeles (Oct 1-4 2021)The Academy Beverly HillsEast Coast Masterclass (Oct 21-24)Falls Lake (nr Raleigh), North CarolinaMentioned in this episode:Interview with George Saint-Pierre on the Lex Fridman podcast4-day East Coast Masterclass NC, with Martin Wheeler (Oct 21-24, 2021)This week, a deep-dive into the myths, half-truths, and hard truths surrounding training for defence against edged weapons, with none other than Martin Wheeler – Senior Systema Instructor and Co-Founder of The Academy Beverly Hills. Here, we seek to include a wide range of perspectives on knife defence, in order to dispel confusion, inform your practice, and make sense of the frequent (and predictable) objections that inevitably arise whenever anyone puts out a knife-defence video clip. The hope being that next time someone starts to argue about knife defence online, you can avoid the pointless back-and-forth, and steer them here for a full discussion. Included:

This week, an enlightening conversation with veteran Systema, Filipino Martial Arts Instructor Al McLuckie. Al has over five decades of experience in arts ranging from Western Boxing and Kempo Karate, to Eskrima, Kali, Silat, and (of course) Systema. A former instructor for the famous Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts in Chicago, Al’s unique and unparalleled knife skills, in particular, have seen him teaching famous martial artists such as Lee Wedlake, Scott Glenn, and Martin Wheeler, along with workshops for the Lethal Force Institute. Here, we talk about:

Here, we build upon upon our earlier discussion of approaches to martial training, focusing on the value (and limitations) of ”internal” work to health, self-development, and the realities of practical combat. Taking in along the way:
This week sees the joyous return of veteran instructor, founder of Austin Systema & Tai Chi, and thoroughly decent human being, Gene Smithson. Always an elightening guest, here Gene shares his insights on:

This week, a conversation with health and wellness guru, Systema For Life regular, and possessor of relentlessly regular bowel movements. Here, we ponder the subject of self-talk, which one way or the other has become louder and more frequent over the last, lonely year. We’re often told by therapists, leadership gurus, and cocky celebrities that self-talk is all-important – the difference between success and failure. But how important is self-talk, really? What role does it play in our health, our decisions, and our self-development?Here, we discuss:
This week, a deep dive into the world of Original Strength – a system of natural movement and neurological ”resetting” created by company founder, personal trainer, and physical educator Tim Anderson. Tim’s simple (but effective) OS system is a wonderful complement to Systema practice – especially for beginning trainees – and for anyone recovering from injury, impairment, or the ravages of modern life on the body. After many years of hearing about Systema, Tim took the jump and began training privately with me a month ago. Here, we discuss:

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