Wp 26 Tig Torch Consumables

Vi gör vårt bästa för att säkerställa att produkterna du beställer levereras kompletta och enligt dina specifikationer. Om du däremot skulle ta emot en ofullständig beställning, eller andra artiklar än de du beställt, eller om det finns någon annan anledning till att du inte är nöjd med din beställning, kan du returnera beställningen, eller valfria produkter som ingår i beställningen, och få fullständig ersättning för artiklarna. Visa fullständig returpolicy Vi använder cookies på våra webbplatser. Du kan när som helst hantera detta via webbläsarens inställningar. För mer information, se vår integritetspolicy. Whether you’re a TIG novice or a professional adding another torch to your toolkit, we can help. With decades’ experience in TIG welding, we’re a trusted source of helpful, honest advice about TIG torches, TIG consumables and spares.

What is the difference between wp17 and WP26?
The WP 17 is similarly sized to the WP26, but lighter-built due to lower copper content. It uses the same consumables as the WP26, but with a slightly lower 150A DC/120A AC rating. Please note that, though lighter, it’s not that much lighter.
Another advantage of water cooling is being able to use a smaller torch for better access, or to achieve greater precision in all your welding. We’ve noticed something else about water-cooled torches too: because torches run cooler and get extra cooling from their supply lines, they tend to last longer than their air-cooled counterparts.In this week’s Welding Talk we help you decide whether to go small, medium or large with your TIG torch, or whether gas-cooled or water-cooled is right for you. Let’s talk TIG torches…If one thing’s certain about choosing your TIG torch, it’s that the right decision makes a massive difference to the pleasure and productivity you get from welding.We’ve talked about small and large gas- and water-cooled torches. But what happens if you keep a torch’s physical dimensions but make it lighter? An example is the WP17 positioned between our WP9 and WP26. Welders often choose this ‘Jack of all trades’ torch if they’re unsure about using smaller torches. The WP 17 is similarly sized to the WP26, but lighter-built due to lower copper content. It uses the same consumables as the WP26, but with a slightly lower 150A DC/120A AC rating. Please note that, though lighter, it’s not that much lighter. Ultimately, it’s your money and your choice. We’ll help you choose correctly.

What does WP stand for on a TIG torch?
My guess is SR stands for silicone rubber. I don’t think there is a specific manufacturer of SR torches, but WP is WeldCraft. In general, the parts the parts: collets, collet bodies, backcaps, nozzles… all interchange for similar style of torches 9 and 20, 17, 26 interchange between manufacturers.
With over 130 years’ combined experience in welding and welding equipment, we’ve got the information, answers and products you need. Let’s talk welding!By feeding it with cooling water, a given-sized torch can handle more current. If you already have a TIG machine, it’s easy to add a water cooler upgrade kit – a machine such as the R-Tech WC240 active water cooler will cool up to 600A. More welding opportunities just became possible with a smaller torch than if you relied on gas-cooling.

What happens if you put more amps through a torch than its rating? The result is torch burnout. We see it often enough that we tend to regard TIG torches as consumables. Of course, if you buy a good torch and use it correctly, it could last a lifetime. But burnout happens…
Two R-Tech products demonstrate the relationship between TIG torch size and current handling. A typical ‘small’ gas-cooled torch is our WP9 (125A DC/85A AC). Compare that with the WP26, a ‘large’ 200A DC/150A AC torch. You may meet what we call ‘very large’ TIG torches in specialised production welding environments. They’re massive beasts capable of handling 500A and more. If you really need one, we can help, but for most welding applications, lowlier TIG torches are perfect.We use cookies to make your experience better. To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. Read our privacy policy Choosing a TIG torch can be relatively straightforward. However, it gets more complicated when you introduce gas-cooled vs. water-cooled, the ability to house ceramic or glass TIG cups and gas lenses, and the handling advantages of physically smaller torches. There’s another variable too: personal preference and reasons for selecting particular TIG equipment beyond simply deciding if a given torch will do a job or not. When selecting a TIG torch, first consider the current it must handle. As ever, that’s determined by the parent metal and its thickness. More amps demand bigger TIG torches. As a guide, at 30A/mm, 3mm mild steel requires 90A. Similarly, think 35A/mm for aluminium. A greater thickness of a given metal means more amperes and bigger TIG torches.Next, let’s look at the relationship between a torch’s physical size and heft, and its current-handling capability. Essentially, this is about putting electricity through metal objects and heating the metal. With TIG torches, current must find its way through the torch’s braided power core and supply line, the copper collet head and into the electrode. As current-handling capability goes up, torch dimension generally increases with the greater size of the torch components. Another factor is the physical size needed to house larger-diameter ceramic or glass TIG cups. Using one of these or a gas lens to extend your gas pocket (and allow greater stick-out) requires larger torches.

TIG lends itself to high-quality welding, often precision work, with pleasing aesthetics. This often means working where access is tricky or extreme dexterity is required. Can we use a smaller TIG torch with more amps – in effect, defying the rule that more power means bigger torches? Yes we can, with water-cooled TIG torches. Remember the WP26 mentioned above. Now consider a torch such as our water-cooled WP18 with 350A DC/250A AC capacity that’s much higher than the WP26. The same applies with our 250A DC/175A AC WP20 and air-cooled WP9.So, as you increase current handling your choices are relatively limited. Whether gas- or water-cooled, more amps eventually means bigger, heavier torches. However, as required amperage decreases, you’ve more choice – there’s no lower limit to the current a TIG torch can handle.

Fact: just as we make choices more or less rationally about products like watches and cars, we choose welding equipment and consumables for other reasons – including perception that they’re the best available and we deserve them. Will Hornell’s Speedglass mask or a premium-priced CK TIG torch – with its supreme lightness, flexibility, current-handling and seamless integration with CK’s Pyrex TIG cups – automatically make us better welders? Whether it does or not, there’s something special about using what we perceive as the ‘best’ tool, even if, objectively, it’s overkill for a particular welding task.
Vill du ha tips på hur er manskinpark kan växa på smidigast sätt eller bara prata med någon men lång erfarenhet? Inte nog med att vi funnits i snart 60år – vi har också hjälpt allt från enskilda hantverkare till stora företag med tips och idéer kring investieringar i maskinparken. Organisationsnummer: 556091-2924. Kontakta oss gärna så ser vi hur vi kan hjälpa till i just er verksamhet.

Här hittar du allt från brännarhuvud till brännarkroppar och olika munstycken för att din svets ska fungera perfekt varje gång. Stora och små gashylsor till bra pris. Söker du en Tigbrännare till din svets har vi alltid brännare på lager för snabb leverans. Hos Södermalms Maskin hittar du alla tänkbara tillbehör så som brännarhuvud med tillhörande brännarkropp
A ‘tubular product’ is simply a statement that it has a round cross section and a hole down the middle. It can be a wrought product but it can also be a cast product – you can make tubes by centrifugal casting.

Wrought product indicates that the material has been ‘worked’ e.g. rolled as plate or passed through a seamless tube process starting from a billet and working the steel to form the finished tubular.Bloggen ger dig också en inblick i de senaste tekniska innovationerna och trenderna inom rc-flyg och drönare, så att du kan hålla dig uppdaterad och förbättra dina färdigheter som pilot.Sammanfattningsvis är ”Flyghobby” en blogg som är perfekt för alla som är intresserade av rc-flyg och drönare. Här kan du hitta inspiration, lära dig nya färdigheter, och uppleva spänningen av att flyga dina egna rc-flygplan och drönare.Jag delar med sig av mina personliga erfarenheter och ger dig tips och råd om hur du kan förbättra din flygfärdighet och undvika vanliga misstag. Du kommer också att lära dig om säkerhetsföreskrifter och de bästa platserna att flyga dina rc-flygplan och drönare på. Bloggen inkluderar också recensioner av olika rc-flygplan och drönare, vilket hjälper dig att göra det bästa valet när du köper din egen utrustning.

What does WP mean in steel?
Wrought product indicates that the material has been ’worked’ e.g. rolled as plate or passed through a seamless tube process starting from a billet and working the steel to form the finished tubular.
Banggood: Global Leading Online Shop. Buy 3d printer, rc toys, cell phones, home appliances, tv box, home & garden, apparel with great prices on banggood.comMIG welding has different needs. If you use argon with a MIG welder, your welds will be wide and have poor penetration. This is why we add carbon dioxide.

What is a 26 TIG torch?
The TIGZONE AE-26 series represents durability and comfort for continuous TIG welding in heavy-duty applications. Manufactured from heavy-duty copper materials, it brings maximum conductivity and durability under demanding conditions. In the process, the AE-26 TIG torch allows for up to 200 amps of power.
Usually, TIG welding is done with pure argon as a shielding gas and an argon-CO2 gas is used for MIG. However, with a massive rise in popularity of multipurpose welders that can do both MIG and TIG, lots of guys want to know if they can keep their setup simple and run a single gas for both.However, TIG welding with a helium mix is a different animal, and it takes a good amount of practice to not make a mess. Most guys find it significantly easier to just stick to pure argon, especially if they’re welding aluminum 1/4″ or thinner.

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CO2 helps to produce a hotter weld puddle that flows deeper and more quickly. Steel is able to handle controlled atmospheric reactions around the weld puddle, so we don’t run into issues like embrittlement or other problems that other metals would experience.Helium increases heat and decreases stability. Lots of welders run into issues with weld cleanliness when they add helium to their argon, sometimes in the form of a black soot.

Can you use argon-CO2 mix for TIG welding? Using this mix for TIG is a really bad idea, since your tungsten electrode will burn out instantly. It is not a suitable gas for TIG welding.For hobbyists that just want a good selection of welding options within arm’s reach, there are a few things that can help you decide where to spend your money.

So a 75% argon and 25% helium MIG mix can work great for some heavy-duty major industrial outfits, but it’s just not feasible for the small shop or hobbyist.

If you’re doing thick aluminum plate, the extra heat you get from helium can help you get a lot more welding power from a smaller machine. You can also weld much faster even on lighter stuff.
Just so that you can understand why there is no cost-effective gas that’s good for the MIG/TIG hobbyist, let’s take a quick look at what the gas does for each welding process.

TIG welding uses the gas to keep the tungsten electrode shielded from environmental contamination, like oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. It also needs to have a more stable arc, since the electrode needs to be kept at a very controlled distance from the workpieceIt’s usually just used for large industrial applications, like heavy-duty robotic MIG welders. Helium makes the weld pool hotter, and you can weld much faster by using it. What you pay for the price of helium can be recovered by faster production rates. Then you can just buy a small bottle of argon for when you want to TIG. Switching the hoses over to do a quick 10-minute weld can be a pain unless you do some creative plumbing. So, in short, TIG welding needs pure argon to protect the tungsten electrode, and MIG welding works best on a 75%/25% argon/carbon dioxide mix to get good weld penetration and flow.

For example, you might want to just stick to flux-cored arc welding (FCAW), also sometimes called gasless MIG. The wire is considerably more expensive, but you don’t have to use a gas bottle. Expect to pay somewhere around 2-3x for flux core wire vs regular solid wire, but this is often the best choice for hobbyists.
I’ve been working in manufacturing and repair for the past 14 years. My specialty is machining. I’ve managed a machine shop with multiaxis CNC machines for aerospace and medical prototyping and contract manufacturing. I also have done a lot of welding/fabrication, along with special processes. Now I run a consulting company to help others solve manufacturing problems.But if you’re using your machine more often than that, it might actually cost you less over the course of a year to just suck it up and buy two different bottles for MIG and TIG.However, it’s expensive and hard to get. Prices always fluctuate, but helium is commonly triple the price of argon and not readily available at most places.

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Are all TIG torch consumables the same?
Each torch uses the same types of consumables, which each have their own sizes that fit inside when put together. A size 9 torch will have much smaller consumables than a size 26, meaning you can’t mix and match.
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Weld Metals Online was created for Welders, Fabricators, and Artists as a trusted source for welding practice coupons, weldable kits, and welding consumables. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Weld Metals Online has all the funs stuff you need without the boring stuff (like cutting and prepping metal). Everything is ready to weld right out of the bag!For example, larger joints and longer runs mean higher heat levels. More heat requires a larger torch and perhaps even a water-cooled option. It all depends on the job’s overall needs.That’s not to say manufacturers aren’t constantly innovating and upgrading torches for better performance and increased user comfort. They are, constantly.

What is the difference between WP 17 and WP26?
The WP 17 is similarly sized to the WP26, but lighter-built due to lower copper content. It uses the same consumables as the WP26, but with a slightly lower 150A DC/120A AC rating. Please note that, though lighter, it’s not that much lighter. Ultimately, it’s your money and your choice.
Flexible valve heads have the same flexibility as the regular flexible head but also feature a small screw valve in the torch that controls gas flow. When you use power sources without an internal gas solenoid, such as engine drive welders, you can attach this kind of torch directly to the gas bottle. You then use the valve rather than the traditional TIG foot pedal.

There are, however, things that never change with this industry-standard product, one that helps welders lay down precise and spatter-free welds at a slower pace with superior results.

Are all TIG torches universal?
Air cooled TIG torches are pretty standard (almost universal). This set will fit any torch that is a 9 or 17 style head. If your torch uses either 9 or 17 style consumables, but is NOT a 26# air cooled torch, it will fit on your lead.
Choosing the right TIG torch and expendables is a highly personal, and sometimes overwhelming, decision in the world of TIG welding. What torch you use is up to you and the workpiece in front of you. However, there are key questions to ask determining how to select the right TIG torch for you:

How do I know what size TIG torch I have?
Most tig torch manufacturers stamp a model number on the neck of the torch. The numbers are often preceded by letters, WP, SR, ER for example. These letters can usually be ignored as it is the number that is important when selecting the correct parts from this section.
A 9 Series torch, the smallest TIG torch, is ideal for tight spots. The 17 Series is a great all-purpose torch that covers all the basics of a traditional TIG welding setup. These air-cooled torches, along with the 26 Series style, are popular because they are easy to use, offer good cable management and more hose-to-torch ratio. They run up to 200 amps, depending on the model. You can push past their duty cycle ratings, but for longer jobs, you need to consider the two water-cooled options, the 18 and 20 series.By understanding the distinct types and features of TIG torches, as well as expendables and the workpiece, you can pick the perfect torch that suits both the job and your work style.UNISIG invests $1.5 million in new fabrication department to support the company’s strategy to develop in-house, design-to-finish production of high-quality sheet metal components used in UNISIG’s product line.In his new role, Frank Twomey will oversee all activities in 18 states located in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regions of the United States.

Over the years, manufacturers have tweaked torch design with these factors in mind. Reducing the handle barrel’s diameter provides operators with a firmer grip and added torch control. A more flexible cable makes work easier, as long as it also delivers the expected amperage and shielding gas performance. Durability is important, too. That’s why all internal components and expendables hold up under regular TIG use.
Amperage rates for these industry-standard torches also have remained constant over the years. For air-cooled TIG torches, 9 Series are rated for 125 amps, 17 for 150 amps and 26 for 200 amps. With water-cooled torches, the 20 Series are rated for 250 amps and 18 Series for 350 amps.Air-cooled TIG torch styles are named 9, 17 and 26 series, while water-cooled ones are called 18 and 20. This standard nomenclature has been around for years, so if I talk about a Series 9 torch, welders will immediately know what I mean.

We can talk about features and specs all day but finding the right TIG torch comes down to what works for you. We compare the process to finding the perfect baseball glove. Everyone likes a different fit and style. What works for your coworker might not be the right option for you. By understanding each type, its features, related expendables, as well as the workpiece, you can better select the perfect torch not just for the job but for your work style and comfort.
While the torch names and amperage ratings for each never change, manufacturers, however, continually unveil new torch innovations to ensure operators get the precise results they seek, efficiently and ergonomically all for premium performance with every weld.

No matter how many advancements torch manufacturers make to air- or water-cooled torches, TIG operators can be assured that the nomenclature will always stay the same for each level of torch they use. The standard rigid torch head works with TIG applications requiring simple joints. If you need to reach into unnatural joints or corners or get a weld around a bend, try a flexible head. It’s better for unique joint options and is a popular option to have in your arsenal of TIG tools. Once you select the torch that works best for you, you’ll need to select a torch head from several distinctive styles and sizes. You have three options — the standard rigid head that comes with your torch, a flexible head or a flexible valve head.Because TIG welding is so meticulous, you must be comfortable using your torch for extended periods. These torches also need to stay cool and be small enough to manage with control and precision, even at high amperages and duty cycles.SR-B-brännare är avsedda för kvalitet. Brännarna är utformade för att ge bekvämlighet och mångsidighet. Välj mellan gas- eller vattenkyld, med eller utan gasventil och med valfri flexibel hals beroende på vad som passar din egen tillämpning.Anpassningssatsen kommer vår verkstad att montera på ditt slangpaket. När du sen får ditt slangpaket så är det redo att användas tillsammans med den svetsmaskin du önskat

What is the difference between a 17 and 26 TIG torch?
Amperage rates for these industry-standard torches also have remained constant over the years. For air-cooled TIG torches, 9 Series are rated for 125 amps, 17 for 150 amps and 26 for 200 amps.
Duty cycle is measured in 10-minute increments, so if you have a 60% duty cycle, you’ll have 6 minutes of constant use and then 4 minutes cooldown time. Welding torches have their own duty cycles that are separate from the machines.NOTE: the Razor 205 Smart Set MIG/TIG/Stick Welder uses a Euro connect variation of the T2 TIG torch, and this allows the operator to press the HF button for gas flow, but to ignite the arc, you’ll still need to use the lift arc method.

Bi-flow technology: high-capacity cooling chambers remove excessive heat at source, allowing greater performance from a smaller body. Bi-flow is only available on the water-cooled T3W.Personal preferences about how big you want the torch will also influence your decision, but keep in mind that these multi-process machines are not compatible with HF torches. You’ll have to purchase a valve torch.

These, generally, are in numerical order, in that 9 is the smallest size torch and 26 is the largest. ‘Generally,’ because the size 20 torch is the water-cooled version of the size 9 (but UNIMIG doesn’t sell that torch). The size 18 torch is the same as the size 17, but it is also water-cooled rather than air-cooled.
The consumables used have up to 20x longer life with better performance than standard TIG torch consumables. While it’s not an option to mix and match between brands, why would you want to when UNIMIG consumables last longer, meaning you’ll be spending less in the long run with less replacements needed.This does affect the duty cycle, which will get lower the more you up the amps. Even with a lowered duty cycle, a torch will still last longer than the machine.

Heat zone technology: transferred heat from the ceramic cup is isolated by a unique external barrier resulting in cooler running torches with increased power to weight performance ratios.
If you’ve purchased a 3-in-1 multi-process welder, these only come with a MIG torch and stick electrode holder, so you’ll need to buy a separate TIG torch that has a matching dinse size (otherwise, it won’t plug in) and a high enough amperage level.

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